How to Focus on Personal Growth During Uncertain Times

Today, I wanted to offer to you some ideas of how you can focus on your personal growth during these uncertain times and really get in tune with yourself.

With everything going on in the world, I’ve had plenty of time to think (because what else is there to do when we have to minimize contact with others and our time in public?)

Once the pandemic started getting serious, I wanted to make sure I used this time wisely.

Sure, as an introvert, it hasn’t been too difficult for me. But I’d be lying if I said there were days where I wasn’t starting to feel lonely, bored, afraid of the unknown, etc.

So with all of this extra time to myself, I decided that I was going to be as productive as possible and view this as an opportunity for growth rather than a punishment.

I truly believe that now is the PERFECT opportunity to work on yourself and do some of those things you’ve been putting off.

Each of us are in a totally different position. Some are having a harder time with this than others because they were laid off, or are able to work but are trying to do so with kids running around the house.

Others are doing okay and just getting by as well as they can during something like this.

No matter where you’re at, I hope that some of these ideas inspire you to focus on your personal growth during these uncertain times!

Engage in a Hobby

If you’re like me, you may be realizing that your only hobbies were going out to eat and shopping!

Some activities may be limited, but think about something you’ve always wanted to try but never have.

If it’s something you can’t do due to social distancing, then I recommend you begin some research on that hobby!

Get knowledgeable on a hobby you want to try and when this is all over, you’ll have something to look forward to trying.

Maybe you’re unsure of what you even would like to do as a hobby.

This is a great time for some self-reflection and getting to know yourself and your interests better!

If you already have a hobby, there is no better time than now to do it as much as possible! Of course, assuming it’s something you can do while social distancing.

The time you would spend going out with friends can now be used to do something you love until all of this blows over.

Engaging in a hobby is a great way to take your mind off of things, even if it’s for a brief time.

It’s a reminder of something that brings you joy and a way for you to get in touch with who you are and what you love doing.

Do Some Self-Reflection

meditationNow that we have plenty of time with our thoughts (which may either be a good or bad thing), take this opportunity to think about your life before this pandemic

Did you like the way things were going?

Were you happy at your job, in your relationships, at home, etc?

If not, reflect on changes you want to make for yourself once all of this is over.

Yes, these are uncertain times, but we can sort of think of this as a fresh start like we do on New Year’s.

Are there new goals or resolutions you want to set for yourself?

Ask yourself these questions and then come up with a plan of how you want to come out on the other side.

An awesome way to work on your personal growth during this time is to decide what you would like to change that will impact you in a positive way.

Then make a plan and set goals to make it happen!

A great way to do some reflection on what you want in life is to write a future self letter!

I was inspired to write my own after listening to Natalie Bacon’s podcast and reading her post about how to write one.

Create Some Routines For Yourself

We’re going to be here a while, so you may as well give yourself a sense of normalcy

It’s difficult because it feels as if things just continue to shift. One day we think we’re going back to work or school in a few weeks, and then everything gets postponed

So many of us are thrown off, but we have to focus on what we CAN control

Maybe you never had routines in place to begin with, check out these routines for inspiration!

While you’re at it, make the routines fun! For you, your kids, spouse.

These are not normal times, so it’s okay if the routines and activities are a little unconventional.

If you’ve already had routines in place, then try to follow them the best you can so that your life can feel as normal as possible

Find Ways to Show Gratitudepersonal growth

It is SO easy to complain right now!

That’s why it’s more important than ever to find the positives, no matter how uncertain things are in the world.

There’s all sorts of ways to express gratitude, but a lot of people talk about the benefits of using a gratitude journal.

Don’t Neglect Self-Care

On one hand, yes, I think it’s okay to have days during this time where you allow yourself to be a bum.

It’s a stressful time and we all should allow ourselves to have a day or two off to decompress.

I’m sure before all of this started, a lot of people were wishing for some time off or to not have to go into the office.

However, I don’t recommend COMPLETELY letting yourself go.

Listen to your brain and body and allow yourself a break, but use this time to still make healthy choices for yourself.

Again, ask yourself how you want to come out of the other side of this.

Hopefully, you’ll want to come out a better version of you and feeling a little refreshed!

Read Self-Help Books

If you’re a bookworm, don’t just read, but read something that can encourage personal growth!personal growth

But now would be a great time to kick back, relax, and read a book that will inspire you

Take some time to research some of the best self-help books and pick which ones you want to read

Final Thoughts on How to Focus on Personal Growth During Uncertain Times

Tough times are the true test of our self-love, confidence, values, etc.

I believe you should absolutely allow your feelings of doubt, fear, sadness, anger, or anything else. It’s totally normal to feel this way.

But what is most important is what you do NEXT.

After you have your moments of worry, what are you going to do about it?

Will you hide or will you find ways to be positive and pull through?

Uncertain times are the best opportunities to work on personal growth, but also the most challenging!

But if you can continue to better yourself during those times, you really can’t go wrong. You’ll only come out stronger in the end.

I always say, focus on what you CAN control. Give yourself a sense of certainty during times of uncertainty. Focus on your personal growth during these uncertain times and really get in tune with yourself.

If you’re looking for additional tips personal growth tips, check out this post from The Self Improvement Blog: Personal Development Tips-3 Tools for Personal Growth

About the Author:

Taylor Kapetanovic- I started my blog The Shadows and Sunshine as an outlet to talk about the obstacles I faced after moving away from home for the first time. In my journey, I had no other choice but to step out of my comfort zone. At the time, it felt like my world was being flipped upside down. Now looking back, I realized how essential my time away from home was in order for me to work on my personal growth. The ultimate goal for The Shadows and Sunshine is to help others find positivity in their lives, become the best version of themselves and navigate through their own personal growth journey!




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