Helping Those in Need During Economic Uncertainty

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread all across the globe, infecting millions of people and taking innocent lives. But apart from being detrimental for our health and well-being, the coronavirus has also negatively impacted the global economy, leaving both our lives and livelihoods at perpetual uncertainty. The pandemic still continues to deplete resources, close down small businesses, and leave hundreds of thousands without a job in this unprecedented time. If you want to help those who need it the most during such economic uncertainty, here are some ways you could support your community and improve yourself while improving the world:

Volunteer at a local organization

One of the simplest ways you could help those in need and do your part to rebuild your community is to volunteer at a local nonprofit. And thankfully, there are still many ways to help, even in the pandemic era. For example, you can start delivering groceries, meals and necessary medication to the elderly in your area, helping them to live more carefree during this period, while also supporting local stores and restaurants with your purchases.

Many animal shelters and animal rescue groups were also forced to reduce their services in order to protect their staff from the virus, although the animals still require love and care. Therefore, another way you could help is by volunteering at a local animal shelter, or even by adopting a loving pet.

Consider donating your blood

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As blood drives and other events aimed at raising awareness needed to be canceled during the pandemic, many organizations are now faced with worrying blood shortages, including the Red Cross. However, you can still visit the establishments themselves and donate blood directly, as one of the most noble contributions you could make.

In case you were infected with the coronavirus in the past and were cured, donating your blood could be of even higher importance. This simple action can help with the treatment of other COVID-19 patients, and could ultimately save their lives.

Donate money to a good cause

From local nonprofits to international organizations, many charitable establishments are struggling to stay afloat and give people the help they need during this period. Not only has COVID-19 led to layoffs of necessary workers and closures of information centers, but it has also forced these nonprofit organizations to cancel planned fundraising events, which were vital for raising enough donations to continue with their charitable work.

If you wish to help those in need, one of the best things you can do right now is donate directly to a good cause, as long as you have the means. For instance, you can make a donation to a reputable cancer fund, as these organizations need help now more than ever. While cancer research requires continuous development, the immunocompromised cancer patients faced with a deadly virus are now even more vulnerable than before.

Support local businesses

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many bars, cafes, and restaurants were forced to close, and are still struggling to keep their business operating, even after the strict restrictions have been lifted. If you want to help businesses like these get back on their feet, consider ordering takeout meals more often, buying gift cards or loyalty cards, or even buying promotional merchandise.

Not only will your contributions directly support the workers and owners of local bars and restaurants, allowing them to keep their businesses operating, but investing in a local economy is also one of the best proven ways to support the overall economy of a country.

Spread the word online

Even in you are not able to contribute physically or financially, there are still ways you can use the internet for a good cause. For example, you could set up a crowdfunding page for a specific person or community in need, and ask other people to provide their help and support in a difficult time.

Alternatively, you could use social media for a charitable cause, by posting about specific issues, sharing stories of people who are struggling, or even by directly asking people to donate to noble organizations, thus raising both funds and awareness for the most important of social issues.

What can be a small contribution for you could mean the world to someone in need, whether it’s an hour of your day or a healthy portion of your savings. So, look for ways to help your community, and make this period of economic uncertainty that much easier on those who need it the most.

Editor’s note: Helping others is one of the most powerful self-improvement tools and in these times of pandemic and economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever.  Try it. You’ll love how it makes you feel.

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