How to Motivate Yourself During Trying Times


Dealing with hard times can be more difficult for some than others. Healthy coping mechanisms aren’t always at arm’s reach. For example, not everyone can seek immediate help when they are in the middle of a late-night panic attack.  Below are some productive ways to motivate yourself to make it through hard times.

Ways  to Motivate Yourself

Avoid Social Media

When you’re feeling down, the last thing you need to do is overwhelm yourself with news or other people’s social media pages. Flooding your brain with information can cause you to become anxious and doesn’t always put you at ease. Instead, spend that time focusing on your problems and the appropriate solution. If it helps, set a timer and step away from your phone until it goes off. While browsing the internet can certainly be beneficial, it is important to practice moderation for the sake of your mental health.

Practice Gratitude

Even when you feel like you’re at your lowest, remember that there are some people who would love to be in your position. Therefore, practice gratitude whenever you can. If you have the necessities like food, water, clothing, and shelter, think about these daily blessings. When you feel more grateful, you attract more positive thoughts and pull yourself out of your slump. Gratitude is a great way to motivate yourself.

Be Mindful of the Present

Remaining aware of where you are currently can help you prevent feelings of anxiety from taking over. Anxiety is typically triggered when people start thinking about parts of the future that are out of their control. When you take the time to observe your current surroundings, your mind will not have time to think about the overwhelming number of possibilities that the future holds. Taking some time to mentally describe your current environment can help keep your mind from wandering.

Remember That It Will Pass

Life has a natural ebb and flow. When you’re having a bad day or a traumatic experience happens, keep reminding yourself that these emotions will pass. A great way to track your progression is to keep an emotion journal. That way, you can look back on your transition from a bad time and repeat similar coping techniques at a later time.

Forgive Yourself

When you make a mistake, always take a moment and forgive yourself. Oftentimes, we burden ourselves with regret and guilt that can make it hard to feel good. Just as you would offer sympathy and forgiveness to someone who has wronged you, give yourself the same privilege.

Find a Place That Calms You

Sometimes the best way to avoid getting overwhelmed is to find a place that can help you feel at peace. A change in environment can help you take your mind off of whatever is troubling you in order to reapproach it from a different perspective later. For some people, visiting a church helps them realign themselves. Many churches have plenty of people who are willing to provide support. Consider finding a church that makes you feel welcome if you ever feel like you need to get out of the house.

Seek Emotional Support

It’s okay to ask for help. If you have a close family member or friend, confide in them about what’s going on. Usually, they’ll offer you support, even if you only need an ear. In serious cases, seek professional help as soon as you can.

Everyone human deals with low points in life. However, it’s important that you find effective ways to push through adversity. In most cases, there are simple self-help solutions that will raise your spirits. However, if you find you can’t seem to pull yourself up, don’t hesitate to seek professional help immediately. Sometimes it takes another person to help you regain your ability to motivate yourself.

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