How to Seek Creativity When Working Remotely


Creativity. Imagination. Inspiration. Vision. Fantasy. Productive memory.

You can call it anything you want. The feeling that lifts your spirits up and keeps you motivated is the one thing necessary to survive in the shifting environment of today. It is the sparkle that twinkles our path toward the longed-for destination. An all-embracing feeling that comes hand-in-hand with success, meaningful work, and balanced well-being.

The world around us goes dark and gloomy without a creative spark. No wonder it is so easy to get lost and head in the opposite direction. Every next step of the road enhances hesitation: are you getting closer to the destination or are you moving backward?

Creativity: Define the Meaning

As creativity is a many-sided potentiality of unpredictable nature and versatile appliances, this article mainly focuses on how to unlock your creative super self while working remotely. Being rendered from usual social engagements and interactions, i.e., the office, many find it difficult to recharge their creative fuel and stay results-hungry. When creativity leaves the building, it automatically cimmerianizes your work attitude and positive thinking.

What do you do? Wait for the sun to rise, elucidate the room, and recharge your creative energy? It can be a long-long night, better not count on nature’s wonders.

You need to feel for the light switch. Or create the source of light yourself.

Find Your Bearings

Lost your way? Stop. Breathe. Reboot.

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There’s a way out of any situation. It is difficult to keep your creativity up, especially when working remotely. You are trapped with no sign of inspiration and you are alone. It is fitting that the order of things is lost and so are you.

Take a break. First things first you need to define what drains your creativity and find ways to fight the enemy back. Are you in sync with your inner voice? Do you enjoy doing what you are doing? If not, is there an option of a different work approach or maybe a different job?

Listen to yourself. You’re the only one who knows what goes wrong and how it can be fixed. It is a tired cliche, yet we keep on ignoring our gut instincts. Somehow, it is easier to listen to others and follow their examples.

Acknowledge the situation and let go of fears. Don’t let the unknown intimidate you. On the contrary, let it inspire you for further actions. You are here. And you have the superpower to unlock your creativity and pave the way to show its worth.

Move on!

It is crucial to give yourself sufficient time to think and get around but… You risk ending up in a time loop. Reliving the same day every day, while the world around you keeps on going forward. The longer you wait, the farther you are from the destination.

Take actions yet remain reasonable. This article isn’t an encouragement to quit your job unless there’s a strong need to do so. The silver lining here is to fix things that are holding your creativity back:

  • It may be a lack of social engagements. Then find a creative pal, invite like-minded people to Zoom talks, or join Clubhouse. Share your experiences and learn new productivity approaches from someone else’s examples.
  • It may be a lack of inspiration in general. Then look for people or work samples that inspire you.
  • It may be the demotivating environment. Change room settings, add some music, or go outside and have a picnic working session.
  • It may be a poorly-arranged schedule. Lack of breaks, insufficient sleeping hours, negligent pastime.
  • It may be literally anything that stops you from finding your creative gift.

Time is the greatest asset we have. Life has an expiration date, don’t waste your precious time doing things you don’t feel passionate about. Occasional demotivating factors may impact your creativity and general mood. However, a continuous lack of interest is a wake-up call. You either suffer an emotional drain or a spurious choice of career.

Unleash Inner Motivation

Remember that there must be something else than just a salary behind your job. Even if money is your primary motivation, dig deeper and think of more uplifting forces. Your career is at stake. So is your personal and professional growth. You might not be a career-oriented person yet still strive for brighter job perspectives.

Dare to pose yourself uncomfortable questions. How do you see yourself in a year or two? Do you choose to go round in a circle? Or do you want to be proud of your achievements?

Making plans for the future feels hectic in our rapid-changing environment. A far-off achievement might seem like wishful thinking and for a good reason. But holding out for nothing is much worse. Focus on what fuels your inner energy and passion, let your hopes and dreams recharge your motivation and creativity whenever you feel down.

Goal setting or no goal setting? The choice is yours. But remember that motivation goes hand-in-hand with creativity; one may not survive without the other. Learn to set objectives that can impact your life right now and right this second.

5 Essential Keystones of a Thriving Creative Practice

  1. Visualize your goals with daily reminders. Use inspirational screen pictures, affirmations, posters, roadmaps, etc.
  2. Make a weekly list of things you NEED to do and things you WANT to do. Mix them up so the list won’t look too scary and repulsive.
  3. Challenge yourself (because it’s fun!). Boredom kills creativity at the core. Find ways to stand up against monotony with entertaining yet advantageous challenges.
  4. Exercise your body, your brain, and your creativity.
  5. Don’t listen to your inner critic. Criticism is toxic and must be avoided at any cost.

Enjoy the Time of Your Life

Any creative process starts and ends with a powerful emotional background. Many find it easier to derive inspiration from depressing states of mind. Best if you can focus on the positive and enjoy every minute of your creative manifestation.

May the creative force be with you!

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