Improving Your Business English

Improving your business English skills includes exposing yourself to the language itself. You need to have a good grasp of every aspect, such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Typically, language learning should take a face-to-face tutorial or discussion, but there are also the best online business English courses available for those who want self-paced learning. Experts create a variety of ways for their students to learn as effectively as possible even online. 

There are two learning modes if you plan to improve your business English digitally or online. The first one is through watching pre-recorded videos, and the other one is through interactive lessons. However, the main question that keeps on arising is, “What would be the best way to learn business English? Is it through videos or interactive lessons?”

Pre-recorded videos in learning business English

The use of videos in the learning process is not a new idea after all. Using videos to learn basic skills to complex ones is also a part of what professionals say, educational technology, which can assist students inside and outside the school or any formal learning environment.

What is good about pre-recorded videos in improving your business English? If you are a busy person but desperate to improve your business English skills, then a pre-recorded video is the best option for you for the following reasons.

  • You can access pre-recorded lessons or videos any time of the day, and anywhere you want.
  • You can replay and go back to specific parts of the discussion anytime you want if you failed to understand it the first time around.
  • Use this as reference to review and memorize important lessons. 
  • These pre-recorded videos are readily available and shared online, which means that you have immediate access to lessons.
  • You can easily download and keep the videos for your future references.
  • Videos can activate your sensory experience rather than printed materials. The more senses you use while learning, the more it will be easy for you to remember and comprehend things.
  • The use of videos explores and increases your digital literacy proficiency and communication.

Interactive lessons in learning business English

With continuous innovations in technology, modes of learning also keep on widening. Consequently, technology paved the way for interactive ways of learning such as gamification and other tools that promote learners’ active participation.

If you are a type of learner that enjoys being creative and prefers participation, an interactive lesson is the best mode for you because it:

  • promotes the use of a variety of tools like games and website quizzes.
  • has different techniques like Q&A sessions, buzz sessions, think, pair and share, and brainstorming.
  • lets you guide your learning process without feeling intimidated.
  • can develop increased autonomy levels, which can result in effective learning and self-responsibility.
  • more senses are involved in using interactive materials while learning.
  • with a wide variety of tools available, the lesson is enjoyable and can build self-confidence.

Pre-recorded videos or interactive lesson

Every learner is different from each other. Likewise, there is no best way to learn a language.  The way you acquire and improve your language skills depends on your learning style. Some people learn more through diagrams and images. Some prefer learning through hearing, while others through speech and writing. Your style might be different from another learner, so you need to figure out how you learn effectively and efficiently.

Do I enjoy watching videos and taking down notes? Am I a more effective learner when there is an interaction between me and the material or tutor? If you found the answer to these questions, then you can find the proper learning mode for your business English to level up. And as we learn and value education, it could go a long way in fulfilling our dreams and changing our lives for the better

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