Inspiring logo design with negative space

Logos are something that every company must-have and inspiring logo design with negative space may make your brand unforgettable. Undeniably, logos are something that every company must-have. It lets you create your own brand identity that differentiates you from others. Logo design with negative space must evoke some message. It’s highly essential if you have a small scale business or large scale, your identity is the only thing which users will remember for a longer time.

However, designing the logo isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of expertise and knowledge about it. There are a lot of styles, trends that you can follow to make your logo design appealing. One of them is a negative space logo, in that you need to utilize the space left unused.

While designing this type of professional logo design, the designer’s creativity will be tested. The negative space needs to be utilized cleverly to make it meaningful. Even the visual representation is much more effective and memorable as well.

Therefore, some of the ways you can make negative space logos and some popular existing logos.

Advantages of negative space in the logo design

#1. Engage your viewers

The logo is always an important factor in keeping engaging your users with your brand. Specifically, when the negative space is used wisely then it becomes even more appealing. The hidden messages and images in the custom logo design attract them more easily.

#2. Focus

The wise use of the negative space in the logo design lets the user focus on the right place. If you want to highlight any section in the professional logo design then this approach would be the best one. Any specific symbol, icon, required to highlight then try to do it using negative space.

#3. Makes it memorable

When you incorporate something extraordinary then definitely it will be recognized for a longer time. Same way, if you implement negative space nicely in the custom logo design then it will be memorable for years. You can make it attractive enough to stick in people’s minds.

Popular logo design with negative space

#1. FedEx


Whenever the negative space logo comes, one name which would surely come into your mind that is FedEx. They have set a great example for it. The space between letter E and X makes the straightforward arrow that shows they are multinational delivery service companies. That means they have nicely portrayed what the brand does in a very interesting way.

#2. NBC

Another great example of a negative space logo. The national broadcasting company has modified its logo over the years many times. 11 feathers of its previous peacock logo were paired down to six divisions of NBC, each with different colors. You can easily identify peacocks represented in the logo very easily.

#3. Baskin Robbins

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Baskin Robbins is undeniably popular for ice cream. Moreover, it’s also famous for the custom logo design. The pink letter in the logo makes 31 which indicates they have 31 varieties of ice creams. The space between B and R makes it appealing and meaningful.

How to create a negative logo?

#1. Inside letterform

One of the most popular and easiest ways to create a logo with negative space. You can combine a letter with a symbol to define some meaning and make it appealing.

The symbol or image you use in the empty space in between the letters must be relevant to the company. It must hold the personality of the brand.

#2. Words in image

Another outstanding way that you can follow to make your logo appealing. In this approach, you need to make the image bigger enough so that name can be adjusted in it.

Here, the color combination plays a key role. The image color and font which you use must be relevant to each other. So that it gives contrast feelings and makes it attractive.

#3. The symbol within a symbol

It’s not necessary you can use typography to include negative space, even the symbols can do it. The symbols inside a symbol are the best way to do it.

It would be interesting to see two symbols are combined together to make it meaningful. Hence, designers need to be clever to utilize various symbols effectively.

Wrapping up

It’s always important to present something extraordinary than others to keep ahead of others. The same thing is applicable over here, your brand must have a unique and creative professional logo design. In this case, a negative space logo can be the best choice to opt for. It will surely engage viewers with your company and get noticed.

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