Is counseling more helpful than medication for anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the worst feelings in the world. It’s not just a feeling, but it’s a serious medical condition. It’s more than just feeling panic and fear in your chest, but it has the ability to disrupt your life. Anxiety isn’t something to be taken lightly as it can cause panic attacks. There’s an ongoing battle as to whether counseling or medication is better to treat your anxiety. While both can be effective in different ways, therapy has been proven to be a better option for a number of reasons. 

One of the reasons for this is that therapy can help you deal with your anxiety in such a way that medications can’t. In this article, we’ll be explaining the reasons why anxiety counseling is much more effective than medication. 

Counseling gives you a release from anxiety

The best thing about therapy and why it’s so effective is you get to talk to someone about how hard anxiety has been in your life. It’s not easy living with it every day of your life and having a professional opinion helps. You may dislike the notion of therapy, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Therapy helps you let go of all your repressed emotions without any judgment or critic. The goal of therapy is to help you manage your mental and emotional state, and you have a professional helping you along the way. In addition, you don’t have to keep pretending that it’s easy to have anxiety. In therapy, you don’t have to pretend to handle your mental health with ease. Anxiety is hard, and you can express this freely with therapy.

Counseling doesn’t endanger your health

There are so many side effects and long-term effects that medication can give to your health and body. If you constantly depend on medication to make you feel better, the aftermath of medication may be worse than what you originally feel. Of course, the last thing you’d want to do is depend on medication to feel yourself better or even to sleep. However, certain long-term damage includes affecting your kidneys, which can be hard to treat in the long-run. This isn’t to say that medication is completely bad, but it’s best to not depend on them if possible.

Counseling makes you feel less alone

The worst thing about mental illness is most often, you feel alone because you can’t express your thoughts properly. Compared to talking about your anxiety with your friends and family, therapy makes you feel understood. No matter how much you vent out to your loved ones, they won’t understand it, especially if they’ve never had an experience with anxiety before. With anxiety counseling, you’re guaranteed that you’ll be understood. When someone finally understands, it’s only then that you feel less alone. In addition, you won’t have to burden your friends and family any longer when you go through therapy.

Counseling helps you deal with your thoughts

The worst thing about anxiety is having no control over your thoughts. No matter how much you try, your thoughts are the hardest to control and manage, especially when it gets too overwhelming and it disrupts your life. Therapy lets you express your thoughts freely, and you don’t need to filter or hide it anymore. Studies have proven that talking to someone helps you deal with your mental health better and through therapy, you’ll feel less burdened by your anxiety. It might not disappear completely, but talking helps lift the stress of anxiety little by little.

Counseling helps you with your coping skills

If you’ve heard about coping mechanisms, this is how you choose to deal with your existing problems in life. Through therapy, you develop healthier coping mechanisms, instead of having the tendency to go for substances and vices. People who have a hard time managing their mental health normally leads to substance abuse to shut off their emotions and thoughts. This is what usually causes repressed emotions and outbursts later on. Anxiety counseling effectively helps to deal with your coping mechanisms and healthy habits better. Doing this isn’t just for your anxiety, but also for the people around you.

Counseling gives you the self-awareness

You may not realize it, but your self-awareness can significantly help you deal with your anxiety feelings. By figuring out the root of your problems and the cause of most of your problems, you become stronger in conquering them. Self-awareness is how you find the root causes of your anxiety and what triggers your anxiety and panic. Everyone has triggers and by figuring out yours, you help yourself both in the short-term and long-term. Anxiety counseling is known to do this and through the help of your counselor, they’ll help you gain an insight into why things are the way that they are

Counseling reduces your insomnia

One of the effects of having anxiety is having trouble sleeping and insomnia disorders.  Panic can keep you up at night, especially when you’re overthinking every possible scenario in your life. Through therapy, you can reduce your tendency to dwell in these thoughts and manage your thoughts better. Through anxiety counseling, you can sleep better and you reduce your chances of having a night of disrupted sleep. In addition, therapy is better than medication because one of the side-effects of medication includes insomnia. By depending on medication to treat your anxiety, your insomnia will eventually get worst instead of better.

Conclusion about anxiety counseling

In conclusion, these are the 7 reasons why counseling is better than medication. No matter how appealing it is to just depend on medication to treat your anxiety, this isn’t a good idea. Anxiety counseling helps you talk about your mental health and existing issues that you never get to talk about with the people around you. Therapy isn’t a bad thing, unlike the misconception around it. If you want to deal with your anxiety better and manage your thoughts better, therapy is the best way to go about it.

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