Let Your Skin Glow With A Dose of these 4 Hacks!

Do you not recognize the dwindling skin glow when you have worked the entire week with not enough rests in between and water intake? Has anyone ever told you that you looked pale or advised that “you need some rest’? You may not notice it at first but whenever you are stressed, angry, embarrassed, depressed, scared, or happy, the skin usually changes and reacts. Emotions always have an impact on how you look, present yourself, or how others perceive you.

Our current mental state and moods affect the skin’s natural ability to heal, elevate the cortisol levels in the bloodstream, weaken the skin cells, disrupting collagen production, and others. These changes contribute to the overall physical change of our skin. These are all associated with psychodermatology. According to WebMD (2018), psychodermatology is a field that addresses the impact of an individual’s emotion as it relates to the skin. SkinSupport (2014) also vouched the fact that our physical health and our emotional well-being are closely linked. They also added that the potential difficulties of living with a skin condition can take a toll on their state of mind. What is less understood is that stress, anxiety, and emotional distress can manifest themselves on the skin, and can aggravate any existing condition.

All these simply highlight the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices, maintaining an optimistic attitude, and committing to a good skincare routine to get your skin glowing. Here are a few other ways you can throw your way for a brighter day:

1. Love it natural

There are a lot of reasons why you should try natural skin care products. They make you feel better about yourself since these are safe for you and for the environment. Their manufacturers also do not test these products on animals. They are lighter and easier on the skin and most importantly, they are packed with the most beneficial nutrients. If you cannot hop to a store, try out a crowdfavorite at home, an all natural oatmeal mask.

Oatmeal absorbs the excess oil on your skin and actually helps treat acne. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in the treatment of dry skin and the removal of dead skin cells. In making an oatmeal mask, combine half a cup of hot water and ? cup of oatmeal. Wait for the oatmeal to settle for two to three minutes. Then mix in 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons of honey and one small egg white. Apply this mixture on your face using a facial brush and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then, you can rinse it with warm water.

2. The grass is greener on the other side

The birth of many food and drink trends took social media by storm. People have lauded various diet trends like carnivorous, vegan and plant-based diets, gluten-free wine is also becoming a thing now. However, when the skin is talked about, it will always be fruits and vegetables that should take most portion of your healthy plate and cup. Most fruits and veggies contain fiber and antioxidants that help flush the toxins and inhibit the growth and effect of free radicals that affect your overall skin and hair health.

A must-try for the instant plump is a cup of green juice which contains the veggies you would not normally eat much. For this you will need 4 large apples, 5 celery stalks and 3 kale leaves. Make sure you wash these under running water first. Cut everything in small pieces and toss them in the blender. Drink your way to a healthier glowing skin.

3. Sweat for the big stuff

Maintaining an active lifestyle is also beneficial for the skin too. Garshick (2019) mentioned that exercise can help deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin to keep it healthy, promote collagen production and recreate new skin cells that help in anti aging. Relatively, Nogueira (2020) found out that physical activities performed with moderate intensity have positive effects and can boost the immune system. Skin immunity is a property of the skin that allows it to resist infections from pathogens. Therefore, doing exercises does not just keep your skin glowing but also amplifies your immune system. Try out a quick and easy workout routine on YouTube and jumpstart your way to exercising for glow and feeling good.

4. Celebrate with a little relaxation

The same with exercising, yoga causes vasodilation too, this is the enlargement of the blood vessels that leads to increased blood flow in the skin. This is useful in providing more oxygen and nutrients to achieve healthier skin and a happier mind. It also increases your skin’s flexibility and helps it get rid of wrinkles.

Here is a quick facial yoga which you can do regularly to keep your brows and cheekbones up where they should be. Put your index and middle fingers together, rest your fingers over your brows and gently push it up. Lift your brows up and down while creating resistance with your fingers. Do this alternately with another routine for the cheekbone. Place your fingers over each cheekbone. Gently lift the skin. Open your mouth wide and resist with your fingers. Hold it for 5 seconds. Repeat both routines 5 times and complete 5 sets alternately.

These four hacks alongside drinking water, getting enough sleep and getting a facial can provide you a healthier skin glow and a more positive attitude. Wellness is everywhere these days. In this mobile age of health and wellness apps, what can you not possibly do?

This exclusive content was contributed by Mia Anderson and written by Bash Sarmiento. All rights are reserved to theselfimprovementblog.com.

This exclusive content was contributed by Mia Anderson and written by Bash Sarmiento. All rights are reserved to theselfimprovementblog.com.

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