Living Alone? How to Feel Safe, Happy, and Secure

Has it been a while since you last lived on your own? Just moving out on your own for the first time? Getting out on your own can be absolutely exhilarating as well as a bit frightening. You are entirely dependent upon yourself for your safety, security, and happiness. You do not necessarily have to go it completely alone though. Here are some ways to help yourself feel safe, happy, and secure while enjoying living alone.

Ways to Feel Safe While Living Alone

Stay Connected to Others

Living alone can be isolating, which can lead to mental health issues for some people. Staying connected with others is important. Holding regular get-togethers with friends and family at either your place or theirs can help you feel connected. It is also important to keep up on calling, texting, and video chatting with your friends and family. You might even want to look into local community groups for shared interests that you enjoy, such as a writer’s group or a bowling league. Even if you work from home, try to get out of the house every day, even if it’s just a walk to the mailbox or trip to the grocery store. It will help you feel less isolated inside.

Get a Companion Animal

If you do not already own a pet, think about getting one. Studies show that having a companion animal around can reduce your stress levels, decrease your anxiety and depression, and combat those feelings associated with social isolation and loneliness. Dogs and cats are popular pets for a reason—they make great companion animals and each have unique personalities

And, for those of you who are concerned about personal safety, getting a dog in particular can help you feel safer. They can detect when someone is coming up to your door or alert you when they sense that anything is off.

If you do not think you can keep an animal long-term, local rescues are always in dire need of someone to foster animals. Fostering can temporarily provide these animals with a home and you with a companion.

Consider Owning a Firearm

Owning a firearm is a good way to help keep yourself and your property protected. Whether you live in the city or way out in the country, having a trusty firearm available can help out when you least expect you will need it. Handguns are small and easy to stash, and a good rifle will do a lot of damage. Just make sure you stock up on ammo, and you can get that remanufactured. For example, if you need some, you can buy remanufactured 223 firearm ammunition. It will save you money while keeping you stocked up. Just remember to store your firearm in a secure location such as a safe or lockbox.

Install a Video Doorbell

Video doorbells are an affordable and effective way to keep your home safe from everything from generic porch piracy to full-on home invasion. You can buy wired or wireless doorbells depending on your preference. These devices can interact with other smart systems in your home that control things like lighting and door locks. Also, they are not as complex to set up and run as smart home security cameras. All you need is WiFi and your phone so that you can stream the video and see it from wherever you are. It is a simple but helpful tool in beefing up your home security.

Living alone does not mean having to live an isolated life where you are vulnerable to outside threats. Secure your property. Stay connected. Bond with your loved ones or even a companion animal. Life on your own can ultimately be both peaceful and rewarding if you take the steps to take care of yourself.

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