Long-Distance Relationship Advice: How to Stay Together

A long-distance relationships can be intimidating and you can read on for the long-distance relationship advice all couples need to hear.

Did you know that 14 million U.S. adults are in long-distance relationships? The good news is that about 60% of long-distance relationships end up being successful.

81% of long-distance partners feel closer to their partner after spending time apart.

Are you in a long-distance relationship? Check out this list of long-distance relationship advice to keep your partnership strong even while apart.

Scheduling Is Important

If you wondering how to make a long-distance relationship work, the key is to schedule. If you and your partner already have a hectic work or school schedule, setting aside time for each other is vital.

It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of day-to-day life but don’t let your relationship fall on the back burner. Talk with your partner about the best times to schedule phone calls. Make sure that the times you choose work for both of you as well.

Technology Can Help

Another important tip on the list of long-distance relationship advice is using technology to your advantage. Living in the modern world has made long-distance relationships a bit easier. Getting in touch with your partner, even if they’re on the other side of the world, is simple.

Texts and photos can help you feel like you aren’t far away. Scheduling some video chats to talk about your day can also help you feel closer.

Get Creative in the Bedroom

Learning how to date long-distance is all about getting creative with spending time together even when you’re apart. You can watch movies together through streaming services or play your favorite video games online together.

Keeping your intimacy alive while you’re not physically together is important too. You can surprise your partner by buying them a sex toy and sending it to their house.

With the help of video technology practicing virtual sex can keep the spark alive. Check out some sex toys you can send your partner on this site.

Take Time for Yourself Too

Other long-distance tips that you might not consider include taking time for yourself as well. Long-distance relationships can offer you more independence to grow on your own because you won’t have your partner there 24/7.

Spending time with friends and family or doing activities you enjoy is vital to helping you develop as a person. Your individual growth will make your long-distance relationship stronger when you come together.

Communicate Your Feelings

If you want to learn how to stay in a long-distance relationship it’s vital to learn how to communicate well with your partner. Since you aren’t living together, it’s easier to let your feelings about certain situations slide without discussing them.

A relationship will only work if you communicate your boundaries, how you feel, and how you see your relationship progressing.

Long-Distance Relationship Advice You Should Follow

Long-distance relationships can be difficult but this list of long-distance relationship advice can help you navigate your relationship in a healthy way.

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