Millennials, Wake Up! Your Retirement Risk is Real!

Millinnials, you  need to save big! Your retirement is real! 

The Facts Are…

It was reported on the Fox News 10 last night that older Millennials or Generation Yers need to save approximately $1,500 a month to save up to $1.8 M for retirement and those born in the 90s will need to save up to $2.5 M or $2,000 month from now until retirement to be able to retire comfortably. (According to Wikipedia, Millennials were born between the early 1980s and 2000.) I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anyone who saves that much per month for retirement. The “average Joe” is just making ends meet. I know there are some but they are certainly not in the majority.

Retirement Risks are Real

The news report explains that the reasons Millennials need to set so much aside is a combination of inflation, the fact that most of them will not have a pension plan, and social security benefits will most likely be less generous than they are today. Not only that but Millennials are projected to live longer, outliving their savings.

What are your choices?

A quick search shows there are a lot of suggestions about how you can scrimp and save during your earning years but not so many suggestions about how you can earn more money. Talk centers around a JOB and a SALARY. Most articles recommend you hire a financial advisor who will show you how to invest, scrimp and save. But what if you found ways to earn money outside of your job so you could enjoy life now and  retire comfortably?

If you knew you could learn to use social media in a way that created income while you worked on your job,  would you do it?

If you knew there was a place you could learn cutting edge techniques  to use the social media of your choice to build a business would you be interested in knowing what it is? If you knew it was truly affordable, would that propel you to get started now?

Here’s Why I Care

I know this one.

I have been retired for a number of years now and my social security benefits just don’t cut it. My savings are gone. Fortunately I have been able to start a home based business using the Internet and Social Media that has allowed me to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Not extravagant, but comfortable. (But I have not ruled out extravagant).

I researched Home Based Businesses and products I could be proud  to represent. But I didn’t have a list of people interested in business.

I failed

Then a friend of mine told me about a group that could help me build my list so I could share. I am still in a learning curve but it’s working. I know how to build a list and have access to the best business building tools on the market. Not only that but I have become a part of a community whose members are willing to share what they know, to help newbies like me get started, to inspire me on a daily basis, and continuously provide high quality webinars teaching me how to build my business using social media.  Wouldn’t you like that?

I am passionate about helping others avoid the fear that I experienced when I realized there simply was not enough money to keep me going.

Don’t let that happen to you.









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