Organize a Lunch Break While You Are in Smart Working

pWith the spread of the Covid-19, the need for smart working has become more and more widespread. It is an opportunity appreciated by many that allows advantages such as saving time normally devoted to travel and greater flexibility of our time. But that can also lead to disadvantages, especially with regard to our health.

The disadvantages of smart working

If it is true that working from home, or smart working,  has a lot of advantages, it can have as many disadvantages if you do not know how to manage your time properly. Working at home involves above all a more sedentary life. We no longer have to go out to the office, if we used to take advantage of the lunch break to take a walk or a session in the gym, now we stay at home, mostly sitting in front of our computer.

If it is true that in theory having lunch at home allows us to avoid the fast break with the classic sandwich at the bar, it is also true that often you end up sacrificing the time normally devoted to lunch to not interrupt the work or to take us forward in order to finish it sooner. This is at the expense of our nutrition and, consequently, of our health.

It’s important to keep the habit of taking a lunch break and doing it healthily. For example, junk foods are to be abolished. In addition to not being healthy, jun food doesn’t help you remain focused on what you have to do at the afternoon resumption of work.

The results of a study

A study carried out in Italy revealed that for 50% of Italian employees the lunch break in smart working is more complicated to manage than lunch in the office.

If before our routine was eating out or bringing lunch from home, now the problem is finding the time to prepare lunch and, preferably, a lunch that is balanced and tasty as well.

39% of respondents believe that it is more complex to maintain a varied and balanced menu.  42% perceive the time of the break as less relaxing with the impossibility of really detaching from work.  49% denounce a lesser possibility to make movement and 30% think he has less time for himself. Because if it is true that you do not have to move from your home, it is also true that often the time you devote to work is much greater.

How to organize a perfect lunch break

Planning is the watchword for organizing a healthy and balanced lunch break.

We start with arranging our food shopping so we have the right ingredients at home for the week. We consider having a main dish, based on proteins or carbohydrates, to which we will combine vegetables to alternate, simple to prepare. Excellent also are omelets and pies.

It will be essential to focus on simple and quick recipes, which can also be made during a break from work or, even better, in the evening. A good habit is to prepare dinner with an extra portion, to keep for the following day.

Be careful to focus on light but hearty dishes that are not too elaborate to digest, to keep fit, and not have to sleep in the afternoon. Important carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body and the brain.  Never forget that work at home also involves energy expenditure which must be replenished.

Five useful tips

1 – Make a detailed list for your weekly spending, divided by food types and their combinations.

2 – Let’s give space to fruits and vegetables, remembering that a balanced meal must include two-thirds of foods of vegetable origin.

3 –  Beware of snacks! Useful if done in a healthy way, otherwise very dangerous. From home, the temptation to open the refrigerator or the pantry can be irresistible. We do not break the rules and we avoid any kind of snacks that can weigh us down.  We allow fruit or a coffee, a portion of vegetables, a slice of homemade cake, mid-morning or mid-afternoon

4- Avoid spending the lunch break, or the time for a snack, sitting in front of our computer. Instead, take the opportunity to get up and move. Remember that in front of the computer we tend to eat faster and not realize the amount of what we are eating, with obvious effects…

5- We can plan our lunch breaks also deciding to spend some time in the kitchen in the evening or at the weekend. Preparing portions that we will freeze to have lunch ready in the following days will greatly facilitate our work and will allow us to better manage our diet.

And don’t forget to drink!

If nutrition deserves all our attention, let’s not forget that hydration is essential to our well-being and if in the office the bottle of water on the desk reminds us of this good habit, at home it is easier to forget about it.

Nutritionists recommend never to get to the feeling of thirst but prevent it by taking at least 60 oz of water a day. Green light also for herbal teas and juices, according to our taste.

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