Practical Fitness Tips for Busy Business Leaders

All of us have read countless articles and heard from various people around us that fitness is extremely important, and we should exercise regularly for more reasons than one. However, they don’t know how hard it is to find time to work out when you are a busy businesswoman trying to expand your business and pay attention to your family at the same time.  Impossible as it may seem, even super busy people need to make time for fitness and wellbeing, perhaps even more so than the others because of all the extra stress that they have to deal with on a daily basis. The good news is that if billionaire entrepreneurs like Kevin Plank (Under Armour founder) and Michael Bloomberg (CEO of Bloomberg LP) can find time for fitness, so can you. To that end, here are a bunch of effective and practical fitness tips that will let even hardcore businesswomen sneak in a daily session of exercise.

Understand that You Don’t Need to Spend Hours in the Gym to StayFitpractical fitness tips

Those that are not into fitness often make the mistake of thinking that fit people spend hours in the gym. The truth is that unless you are a professional athlete or a bodybuilder, you do not need to spend more than 30 – 60 minutes working out to reach your fitness goals. You would be surprised to know that experts advise against spending multiple hours at the gym because it is counterproductive to exercise for more than 90-minutes. Just find 30 – 45 minutes at any time of the day to complete your routine, but make those minutes count by keeping the session intense

Reduce or Eliminate Time Lost in Transit

The last thing you need is a membership in a world-class gym that’s an hour’s drive away from the office or home! Either find a gym that’s en route or as close to your office as possible, or simply install a gym in your own office or maybe even one at home if you can. When the idea is to save time, every minute lost in transit to the gym is a waste.

An office gym encourages everyone to stay fit, which will act as motivation for you to put in the half an hour you need as well. A home gym is more convenient at times, but you may lack a bit of motivation having to work out alone. Address that problem by hiring a good personal trainer for both better results and superb motivation.

Dress to Impress: Motivation in Fashion

Finding motivation to exercise can be a hard task after trying to impress a client who seemed to be more interested in talking about your competition! Use fashion as a motivator in such situations because nothing is sexier than a successful and well-dressed woman. You still have to dress for the occasion though, and since the occasion here involves working out, shoes are the most important aspect.

When you are a successful entrepreneur walking into a full gym, your shoes must match your status, as well as the purpose of the session. Balenciaga sneakers are super trendy right now because no other luxury designer brand makes sneakers like they do. You can view the collection at SSENSE who stock some of the most premium and unique Balenciaga sneakers that the designer brand has released till date. Not many can afford them, but to those that can, the sneakers offer a unique blend of athletic functionality and edgy fashion at the same time.

Utilize the Daily Activities to your Advantage

In all honesty, walking up the stairs will not help you get in shape, but it is still better for your health than taking the lift. What you can do is you can utilize daily activities to burn some calories on the days you know you will have to miss a workout session. Check out some of the easy, practical fitness tips to help you do just that.

  • Use the stairs unless you have a heart condition
  • Carry your luggage and shopping even when you don’t need to
  • Park your car a bit further away than usual so that you can get in a few extra minutes of walking
  • Walk for fifteen-thirty minutes every day during breaks or after work

Fitness is a lifestyle choice and probably the best one you can make, but it is important to understand and accept your situation first. Unless you really have the time or the iron will to look like a professional fitness model or a super fit celebrity, you will not be able to get there, but the catch is, you don’t need to either!

Models and celebs are into a profession which requires them to look a certain way, while you are in the business of making money. As long as you are feeling good, strong, and energetic from your workouts, you are already doing what’s required to lead a healthy life. We hope these practical fitness tips will help you do that.

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