8 Productivity Tips From People Who Work Remotely

Working remotely comes with a lot of benefits. The biggest of them is the fact that you can decide how, when, and where you are going to do your work. It can increase productivity and keep people more satisfied than working in a traditional workspace. However, it comes with its own set of challenges. The technology that makes it possible for you to organize your lifestyle this way can also blur the line between professional and personal life. While some end up slacking, others work more hours than it is healthy for them. In this article, we are going to discuss 8 productivity tips from people who work remotely.

Organize your workspace

Working from home seems like a luxury, but it is no excuse for having an unorganized workspace. If it’s filled with clutter, it will create a particular image for people that you communicate with. Your colleagues will certainly notice piles of things behind you. The same goes for your appearance. All this will make them question how committed and organized you really are.

When it comes to productivity tips, the best solution is to designate a workspace within your home. It could be a single desk in your room, or an entire home office. This doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you need to have a particular space where you work. You will associate work with that place, and have the rest of the home free.

Create a daily schedule

Even with all the flexibility that you’ve got, creating a schedule is a necessity. It’s a good idea to set a particular amount of time for each task because it will make you be more efficient. In effect, it will make you feel more satisfied with what you have accomplished. Take out eight hours of every day to work so that you are as productive as people who work in the office. If you have a roommate that gets up for work at 8 AM, do the same as they do, and structure the rest of your day. If you end up finishing your work with a client early, there are two other kinds of work you shouldn’t forget about – professional development and networking.

Engage with your colleagues

The truth is that a computer screen can disconnect people. It’s much easier to use a chat application to tell your colleague to wait than to leave in the midst of a real-life conversation. The fact remains that your team members’ time has the same value no matter where they are working from. The message you send to them is clear if there is always something more important than connecting with them. Set up your time strategically, and keep your calendar updated and available to your colleagues so that they know when they can reach out to you.

Go outside

It’s easy to get so involved with your work that you end up spending days inside. It’s not good for your health to sit and work the entire day. Change of environment is a necessity. If you work in an office, you travel by commute, move around the building, spend your time in the cafeteria, etc. When working from home, these changes in the environment aren’t there, so one of the important productivity tips is that you need to create some yourself. You need regular exposure to sunlight, so go outside at least once a day. Go and finish some errands or simply take a walk in the park.

Clearly define work

No matter what your job as a remote worker is – providing SEO services, teaching the English language, or programming, you need to clearly define what work means for you. It should fall into three groups. The first is the particular project that you are working on for a client or your boss. The second is networking which is necessary for generating more work and getting more clients. The third is professional development.

Know when to stop

It’s a common problem for remote workers to not know when to stop working. While you leave the office at the end of the working hours, when you work from home, it tends to get hard to separate your professional life from your personal life. It is important that you find that balance. If you are a workaholic, set a few periods a week when you are not allowed to do any work.

Eat properly

It may sound superfluous, but another one of the important productivity tips is to eat right. For starters, it is important that you eat a light and healthy breakfast every morning. You need to allow your body to wake up from sleep and give it the right fuel that it needs to effectively work. Set aside a lunch hour, and make sure that you prepare yourself a wholesome meal. It might be easier to order food from a local fast food restaurant, but the fact is that the food that you make at home is the best for you. If you have the proper ingredients, you can make yourself a proper meal in under 30 minutes.

Remember why you’re doing this

When spending a whole day in front of a screen, it’s pretty easy to lose motivation. It’s essential that you remember why you are doing what you are doing. The ideal situation is that you are driven by the love for your job. However, if what motivates you is the thought that this is what you need to fund the lifestyle that you want to have, that works as well. Write down what motivates you and keep it at hand.

In Summation

Working remotely comes with its own set of challenges compared to office work. You must find the right balance between professional and personal life. Follow these 8 productivity tips in order to properly work from home.


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