Improve Your Personal and Professional Reputation with SEO

In this digital age, it is more important to your future career goals than ever to have a good reputation. This is especially true if you are an entrepreneur or small-business owner. If you have an at-home business, it can be easy to get lax about your personal brand and reputation, but remember that these can have a big impact on your success. Optimizing content for search engines is a tactic that brands have been using for most of the 21st century.

When used correctly, search engine optimization (SEO) allows you to highlight content that you are proud of and hide content that may put you in a negative light. Let’s look at how SEO reputation management can help your reputation both personally and professionally.

Gain Greater Control Over Critical Search Terms

When a hiring manager reviews your online presence, that person is likely to perform a search using your name as a keyword. He or she may also use the name of your blog or other publications that you’re associated with during such a search. If you know what words or phrases an employer will look for, you can create positive content optimized for those words or phrases.

Ultimately, only positive content will appear when the search is conducted. Using SEO keyword analysis and skills to gain control over search terms can help you in your career goals. This is especially true for the keyword of your name, connected to your industry. While it may be simple, this is one great step towards controlling and optimizing your professional reputation, even as it draws on aspects of your personal and social media handles.

Gain Greater Visibility

It is important to understand that search engines will index everything that is posted online. Therefore, your social media profiles can be optimized to be found by companies looking for professionals with your specific skills. They can also be optimized to help others with similar opinions or interests find those profiles and follow them. Having a strong social media following can be ideal whether you are trying to build a brand or are looking to be taken seriously as a citizen activist.

Remember that even personal profiles can be easily found online, so while it’s okay to relax and have fun online, your personal activities can and do affect your professional reputation. This is why it’s so important to value both your personal and professional pages.

Get People to Advocate on Your Behalf

Those who follow public figures or others online tend to be very loyal to those individuals. Therefore, your followers may be willing to advocate for you or a position that you take on a given issue. Typically, having others vouch for you is the most effective form of online reputation management. Having an appealing personality and respectfully interacting with followers and supporters is a surefire way to have advocates.

By having a following of loyal fans, influencers, or supporters, you send a message that you are someone worth following, listening to, and valuing. Companies who want to add value to their team will take that into account, especially if your following is directly related to your brand and professional industry.

Everyone Wants to Reach Their Audience Online

Showing that you understand how SEO works can help you find work as an influencer or an online content creator. This is because companies can see a significant return on their investment by creating consistent levels of organic traffic or organic brand awareness through social media. If you are the person who can create that level of traffic or awareness, you will have a sterling reputation in the business world.

Learning basic SEO strategies can help you both in your personal and professional lives. As long as you understand how to do basic keyword research and how that impacts how search results are formulated, you should be able to gain greater control over how others perceive you.

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