Root Canal Treatment: When You Need It And More

An endodontic treatment, also known as RCT or root canal treatment, requires special hands to carry out the procedure. As such it is not a very serious treatment, however, if neglected for long can lead to unbearable pain and distress.

It is, of course, better to get the facts right if your dentist recommends you to go for an RCT.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

In simple terms, a root canal treatment is a minor dental surgery that removes bacteria and prevents reinfection of the roots of canal teeth.

Usually, a general family dentist or an endodontist would carry out the procedure while monitoring the patient under local anesthesia.

But, how do you know if you really need a root canal treatment?

Possible Symptoms leading to an RCT

Reasonably, the best way to know if you need an RCT is to understand what possible symptoms may lead to bacterial infection.

Here are some for you…

Never Ending Pain

Whether you have persistent pain in your tooth or whether it comes and goes, it might be a sign that you may need to get an RCT done.

Usually, the bacteria accumulation between tooth gaps and in tooth roots leads to pus formation. And this pus is the reason that causes immense pain to the patients.

It is noteworthy that there can be other reasons for tooth pain as well. Therefore, it is best to consult with a dentist, as the experts at put it, a dentist would diagnose the location of the infection. Only after that, can it be confirmed what treatment you’ll need.


The human tooth has minute nerves and blood vessels extending deep within. Often patients complain about severe pain right after eating or drinking something hot or cold. This pain is usually a result of swollen or infected nerves.

Besides, some patients also complain about toothache when they touch their teeth. This also might be an indication that dental nerves and blood vessels are infected.

If you’re experiencing such sensitivity in your tooth, you should immediately consult with your dentist. They may prescribe a tooth canal treatment, on further diagnosis.

Discoloring of the Teeth

Usually, any damage to the internal tissues of teeth can result in discoloration. As opposed to the common belief, the white color of the teeth is not only because of calcium and fluoride. A continuous flow of healthy blood into the teeth is also responsible for the same.

If you start to see your teeth turning greyish-black, it might be because of the infection in the roots.

Thus, it is recommended to have it diagnosed by your dentist for further clarity.

Swollen Gums

Another common symptom of root infection is when you have swollen gums. Since all the blood vessels and nerves extend through the gums, any infection may also be reflected in the gums as well.

However swollen gums would also mean that the infection has spread deep within. In which case, RCT might be one of the only solutions left.

While you may have swollen gums for other reasons too, if accompanied by persistent pain and bleeding, you can be sure that RCT is the only relief you have.

Root Canal Treatment: When You Need It And More

A constant flow of healthy blood into the teeth also ensures the good health of the teeth. The fresh nutrient-rich blood helps restore minerals to the teeth.

However, when infected by bacteria, the teeth may not receive the necessary minerals. Thus, making them structurally weak.

Of course, this may also lead to chipping or crack formation in the tooth. Notably, the chipping or cracking should not be a result of an accident.

If you have any of these symptoms, it is best to have your dentist look deeper into it. And if needed, go for a root canal treatment.


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