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All the “Self” stuff

Self-improvement is the key category for this blog. It is the home for self-esteem, self-awareness, self-discovery and all those other topics that begin with “self.” It covers self-growth and self-development in all its phases. This category covers how to manage emotions; how to develop good habits; and how to make better choices. It leads the way to self-acceptance and self-love and helps the reader transition to higher functioning.

Self-Improvement Tools

Tools for self-improvement include meditation, brainwave entrainment, journaling, self-hypnosis and reading great literature. Articles cover where to find them and how to use them. This category contains the ways and means to make the changes the reader wants to make to “be better, do better and become happier.”

Guest articles

We invite guests to submit articles, ideas and comments. We encourage the guest author to follow the guidelines written in the submit-an-article page to establish a high degree of excellence on this blog.

Power of Positivity

The power of positivity is not to be underestimated, especially during difficult times. It can often be difficult to find sources of encouragement when there are challenging obstacles that one has to overcome. However, there is plenty of…

Practice Makes Imperfect

There’s nothing more frustrating in the world than trying to re-create a perfect moment. Well, maybe trying to remove the smell of cat pee from your carpet might come to mind as equally bedeviling, but that’s not the issue we’re concerned…

Optimizing Sleep

How much attention have you given to the area of your life that comprises about a third of your total time on this planet? Although you may not be conscious during that time, your sleep is nonetheless an area of self-improvement worth…