Self-Improvement Tools

We all need tools

Most workers need tools to do their jobs. For example, accountants need calculators and computers. Beauticians need scissors and blow-dryers. Carpenters need hammers,  and painters need buckets of paint and paint brushes Actors need scripts, costumes, and props. You get the idea. If you’re serious about self-improvement, there are some powerful self-improvement tools for you as well. In the tabs below,  you will find some of the key tools with information and links.

The primary self-improvement tools

The main tools for self-improvement are meditation, self-hypnosis, brain wave entrainment and journaling. Using one or a combination of these tools can help you deepen your self-awareness. Hopefully, they will help you gain insight into where you need to make a significant change. We think these tools are so critical that we have given each of them a page with links to help you find the help you want for your own personal self-improvement program. If you search the articles on the blog you will find a wide selection of articles about each tool discussed from different points of view. If you are serious about self-improvement, we encourage you to search not only this blog but also the Internet for more information and for sites that help you in a specific area.

One size does not fit all

If one tool does not work for you, there are others that may be a perfect “fit.” For example, if you absolutely can’t sit still to meditate, then try brainwave entrainment. You may want a way to assess your progress and find that journaling the perfect tool for you. Another possibility is affirmations. Affirmations, coupled with any of the other tools, can be powerful. Use what helps you gain self-awareness—the foundation for all self-development efforts.

We invite you . . .


We invite you to join in. If you have or know of a resource that should be featured here, please let me know by emailing me at [email protected].


Irene Conlan