Meditation for Self Improvement

Meditation formeditation for self improvement self-improvement is very powerful and many believe it to be the primary self-improvement tool. It is in meditation that you can do the most self-discovery and get direction from you own inner self or soul. Many people think they can’t meditate because their mind never stops. This is normal for every learner. Just start.

Meditation is not exclusively a religious practice

Some people shy away from meditation because they think it is a religious act.  While some religions utilize meditation, it is not exclusively a religious practice. Anyone can learn to meditate and use it to be calmer, more relaxed, more confident and more self-aware.

You don’t have to spend hours and hours daily to reap the benefits. Start with five to fifteen minutes each day and, as you progress, adjust the amount of time you spend. according to your needs. Some teachers of meditation will tell you to wear special clothes, sit in a certain position, and more. This is not necessary, depending on your purpose and the form of meditation you choose.

Join a meditation group

There are many meditation groups available and these can be very helpful for the beginning meditator.  You may want to search for MeetUps that teach and/or practice meditation in your area.

Several approaches to meditation

There are so many approaches to meditation that there has to be one that works for you. There are guided and unguided meditations available and a number of approaches to meditation. Find those that work best for you. The Chopra center offers a number of free twenty-one-day meditations that are extremely helpful for the beginning meditator. If you search on Youtube you can find both guided and non-guided meditations (these are basically meditation music formats).  Work through them until you find something that works best for you.

Here are some online resources for learning meditation:

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