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10 Super Effective Ways to Enhance the Quality of Life - Self Improvement

10 Super Effective Ways to Enhance the Quality of Life

To enhance the quality of life—your life— is only a matter of your willingness to do it. You could be reading an endless number of self-help books, all day long. But as long as you are not willing to make a change, nothing will work.

Often, however, there are many who are willing to make a change but are unable to find a way to do it. Today, we are going to shed some light on how you can earnestly and effectively better your life.

Enhance the quality of life

1. Take control of your life

It is futile to keep complaining about things in your life. In the end, it is you who has to change it. After all, it bothers you all that much, right? Unless you do not take a stand for what you really want, people will manipulate you into having a different, unrealistic picture of life.

You can expect help from your peers and your family, but in the end, the call is basically yours. It is you who has to take the first step towards steering your life in a better direction.

2. Writing things down helps

In the smartphone era, you are more likely to miss out on things you type; simply because you end up typing so much throughout the day. In order to organize your thoughts and ideas better, you need to go old-school.

Pen them down, and you will have them on your mind for longer. That way, you end up getting more things done. A productive day leads to a productive week, and consequently to a better life.

3. Identify roadblocks

One of the biggest hurdles to a better life is not knowing what’s holding you back. Introspect and realize what are those activities throughout your day that you can do without. Use the stop-look-listen strategy.  Once you overcome your roadblocks, life would automatically start seeming a whole lot better for you.

4. Cut down on intoxicants

When you try to expense-sheet a smoker or a regular drinker, you will notice a massive chunk of their money literally accounting for nothing but the sustenance of those habits. Smoking and drinking and not only bad habits, but they also pose a definite threat to your body.

We completely understand that quitting these at once may be difficult. Quit smoking with e-cig if giving it up completely looks challenging. It helps you curb your nicotine intake level while still providing you with a relaxing effect. You could even cut down on meeting friends who generally tempt you to drink. This way you end up saving a lot of money and do a huge favor on your own body.

5. Live in the moment

Falling prey to anxiety is real. You often think about things out of your control and worry too much. Then, in the fit of that worry, your thinking and decision-making are altered. Overall, anxiety is just a downward spiral, irrespective of where you see it from.

Instead, a shift of perspective can help better your life. Live in the moment. Look at what you have, instead of what you wish you had. Make do with it, and sooner than later, you will have it all.

6. Set attainable goals

Much of our worries come from the fact that we set too lofty goals sometimes. Not everyone can get a Mercedes or a Ferrari. But if you set some attainable goals for yourself, it might actually feed your sense of accomplishment. Who knows, before you even know it, you would be financially solid enough to own a dream car.

7. Pick up newer, better hobbies

We often are accustomed to the habits we fall into. Building up a new hobby however is a difficult task. It is rewarding, nonetheless. Try picking a hobby that benefits you. It could be reading, singing, dancing professionally.

It could also be something more athletic. Or if you have always been wanting to give Graphic designing a shot, or something creative, you can invest your time in that too. Indulging in progressive habits is a sure-fire way of bettering your life.

8. Change the frame

Every situation has a different light we tend to overlook. We miss out on the silver lining of the cloud so often. Looking at a situation in its situational perspective won’t solve it. You have to look through and see what the other side of it is.

When you change the perspective, situations look like opportunities then. They thus add up to a better life.

9. Be grateful

You could either be cursing your life for what you have, or be grateful for it. Not many people even have the privileges you so easily overlook. Acknowledge what you have, and you might just be able to get more.

Only a man who values what he has is deserving of more.

10. Get some physical activity

Never underestimate the benefits a good jog can bring into your life. A fitter body is a vessel for a better life. At least you would not be spending much of your life in the hospital ward then, which is quite the relief.

In conclusion

A better life demands a better lifestyle and mindset. The day you learn to align your thoughts and actions perfectly is when you actually get the most out of your life. Betterment of life can then happen by itself, without you having to do much about it.

About the Author

Lynda Arbon is a passionate and enthusiastic health blogger. She likes keeping herself updated on health trends and blogs. Her favorite pastime is learning history and solving crossword puzzles. Follow her on Twitter.

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