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3 Ways To Prevail Against Loneliness by Nurturing Spirituality - Self Improvement

3 Ways To Prevail Against Loneliness by Nurturing Spirituality


The coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented to current generations and has given rise to feelings of loneliness. People today are accustomed to almost constant company, whether in person or in digital form. Still, a large percentage of the population reported feeling lonely before COVID-19 emerged. Cultivating spirituality is an effective means of rising above feelings of helplessness and seclusion. Here are three suggestions for doing it.

Reconnect With Nature

One of the most immediate ways to overcome feelings of loneliness during COVID-19 isolation is to step outside. Walks, especially in woodlands or on beaches, are wonderful, but you do not even have to do that to benefit. Humans are inherently drawn to the earth.

Go outside and listen. Watch, and really see. Follow that red and grey bird’s streaking flight. Listen to the hawk calling high up, invisible in the stratosphere. Sit down on the grass and look at the tiny wildflowers you never noticed before. Consider the teeming life going on all around you, oblivious to human drama. Nature reminds humans that we are part of something much larger than ourselves. There is order, and there is goodness. As St. Francis said, “Ask the beasts, and they will teach you the beauty of this earth.”

Let go of Busyness

Resist the urge to rush from one task to another, especially if you are staying busy to avoid facing yourself. Modern American society is geared toward constant action, which leaves humans feeling drained, empty, and exhausted. Turn off noise from televisions and all other devices, sit down in the silence, and be still. Listen to your soul, that inmost center you may not have connected with since you were a child. When you let go of useless busyness, surprising truths emerge about you and your real purpose.


Even if you were not raised in a religion or have negative connotations from being brought up in a harsh, immature dogma system, you can pray. Prayer is letting go of the pretense that you are the center of everything. It is communicating with something much larger than you, outside of yourself yet still within you. Prayer is a deeply personal journey both inside and then back out to connect with every other thing on this planet we all call home. There are many types of prayer. The mystic Meister Eckhart said that a heartfelt whisper of “Thank you” was a good one, and if that is where you begin, you have made a solid start.

Societies around the world are still isolating to some degree to try to control the spread of COVID-19. However, many Americans said they felt alone before the pandemic began. Renewed or cultivated spirituality takes away powerlessness and loneliness and gives purpose to the days.

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