5 Reasons Why Online Schooling Is Good for Your Child


Online schooling is nothing new, as it borrowed the pattern from a method used for years as a replacement for the traditional school system — homeschooling. Homeschooling was primarily used in families in which parents often had to move for work, or in case a certain medical or any other condition prevented a child from attending regular school classes.

Once the word about homeschooling started to spread, it didn’t take long for this way of education to become a choice rather than a necessity for more and more families worldwide. Parents decide to homeschool their children for various reasons, including dissatisfaction with the quality of education, early enrollment in an athletic career, etc.

In the past, children were taught at home by parents themselves or private tutors. In the meantime, this educational system evolved thanks to technological development and turned homeschooling into online schooling.

What Is Online Schooling?

online schooling

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For those who have never heard of this term before, online schooling is very similar to homeschooling. The only difference is that a child enrolls in live lectures given by a teacher via an online platform.

An online school in South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, or whatever country you live in, can be a good illustration of this education form. For example, there are cases in which both the mother and the father work as zoologists and travel to Africa from another continent to study the animals of the wilderness.

In such cases, switching schools and adjusting to a new environment can be both complicated and stressful for the child, which is why online schooling remains the best option for keeping up with education.

Although it directly goes against the standard school system, online schooling has many advantages, and we have listed the most prominent ones below.

1. One-on-One Interaction

One of the primary advantages of online schooling is the one-on-one teaching system. The child is alone and can focus on the lesson without being potentially distracted by classmates. This makes it easier for the child to concentrate on the lesson and understand it better. 

Also, classes are personalized as the teacher can pay attention to one child and answer all the questions and queries, which often gives better results than giving lectures to multiple children at the same time.

2. Flexibility

Online schooling can be even more personalized when it comes to the timing of the classes. While brick-and-mortar schools have a fixed schedule for everyone, online schooling allows teachers and students to create their own schedule that suits them both. 

3. Quality of Education

All schools have programs designed for each school year and all the students of the same age group get the same level of education. However, it cannot be expected that all students perform in the same way, as some are often more advanced than others.

There’s also the factor of interest in a particular subject that is not equally shared among classmates. With online schooling, the sole quality of education is better since the teacher can adjust the lecture to the student’s interest and capabilities.

4. Reduced Expenses

Online schooling requires spending less money than sending children to land-based schools. Firstly, transportation costs are not an issue as children are not required to leave their house to attend classes. Additionally, there’s no need to spend a lot of money on notebooks and books as all the studying material can be found online.

5. Convenience

Finally, studying from home is much more convenient than going to school every day. Children can sleep longer and don’t need to waste time in transport. There’s no need to get dressed in a particular way as the only thing visible on the screen is the student’s head. Apart from that, they will be eating home-cooked food every day and be able to organize their day the way they like it.

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