6 Strategies for Being More Mindful at Home

Being mindful at home is all about having a peaceful space and being around people that care for you as much as you care for them. It’s about having a place you can run to, rest, and rediscover yourself when the going gets a little bit too tough. With this being said, your home should be your personal haven of peace and tranquility and all negative energy should be kicked out the moment you walk through your front door. Unfortunately, many people don’t experience this type of peacefulness and have trouble practicing mindfulness, especially when trying to balance careers, relationships, and other activities. Below are a few strategies that can help you be more mindful at home.

1. Transform Chores into Mindfulness Sessions

For many, housework can be a big strain on mental and physical energy. However, chores don’t need to be a boring pastime that sucks up so much of your time and energy. The next time you clean the dishes, for example, focus on the task at hand instead of rushing through the chore. Pay attention to the texture of each dish, the temperature of the water, and the smell of the dish soap. By keeping in tune with this approach, every little act becomes a sacred ritual and keeps you focused on the moment at hand.

2. Connect with Your Family

In such a busy world, it can be challenging to stop, slow down, and spend time with family. If you live with family or roommates, practice mindfulness through active listening. Listening cultivates focus, intention, and awareness. Avoid focusing on the future or past while communicating and simply work on just “being” with the other person. If you live by yourself, consider catching up with your family or friends with a simple, 10-minute phone call.

3. Designate Personal Space

While spending time with family is great, you will need some “me time.” Create a personal and convenient space in your home where you can just be still—the type of space you choose will ultimately depend on your personal taste and preferences. Designate a sunny kitchen nook as your space or your favorite reading chair in the living room where you can rest. In these personal spaces, you’ll be able to be more mindful at home, refresh your mind, and be creative.

4. Create a Peaceful Sleep Environment

If you struggle to fall asleep, developing a mindful bedtime ritual and creating a peaceful sleep environment can help reduce stress, insomnia, and anxiety. To ensure you get the best sleep possible, repair items that continually make noise, swap out lights that flicker and remove as much clutter as possible from the bedroom. Additionally, try to focus on your breathing as you drift off to sleep.

5. Care for Your Home

Another way you can be mindful at home is by decluttering. Having too much clutter around the house can cause stress and anxiety to build. To create a more minimalist home, declutter each room and get rid of things that you have no use for or items that are old and broken down. You’ll want to replace faulty appliances for ones that are durable and won’t give you pause, purge your closet of clothes that no longer bring you joy, and organize all of your belongings into three piles: one for keeping, one for donating, and one for throwing away. Being less dependent on possessions can help clear your mind and let you experience more peace and tranquility.

6. Take a Break

By prioritizing relaxation and breaks and unplugging throughout the day, you can slowly start to build awareness. For centuries, people have turned to meditation as a means of enhancing self-awareness, reducing stress, and promoting emotional health. Practice yoga in your living room or just sit and meditate for 10 minutes. If this seems like too long, start small by taking deep breaths for 30 seconds. Simply taking a few minutes out of each day to relax and breathe can boost mindfulness and make you more aware of yourself and your surroundings.

About the Author

Kay Carter is a writer from Raleigh, NC. When she isn’t writing about home improvement or the latest wellness trends, she enjoys reading, traveling, and practicing photography.

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