8 Reasons Why Volunteering Will Make You a Better Person

Volunteering is an act of kindness. It’s a way to help those in need without getting anything in return.

However, you will still reap a specific type of benefit when you join a volunteering project. More precisely, you will become a better person by helping others and your community. If you’re interested in how that happens, here it is:

1. Overcoming selfishness

All of us get easily drawn into our problems, everyday stress and plans. We tend to forget others, their troubles, and worries, and we focus solely on what we want and need.

Volunteering is a chance to break that bad habit. You will turn your focus onto other people’s misfortunes, which will make you realize that sometimes your precious time is needed elsewhere rather than being spent on indulging your own wishes. Selfishness won’t get you very far away; being selfless will make you more empathetic and aware of more realistic and serious problems out there.

2. Becoming grateful

Many of us go through life unaware of what we have on a daily basis. We are provided with so many things, from a hot meal, internet access to running water and a bathroom. These are the things many others can only dream of, no matter how common these things are in your life.

Once you start volunteering, you will experience a shock when realizing how blessed you actually are. With realizing how many blessings there are in your life, you will become immensely grateful for what you have. The first step of being happy is to be grateful; grateful for all the things you take for granted, for all the things you don’t appreciate right now. Gratitude is a powerful feeling and that is one of the greatest gifts volunteering will give you. It will show you how lucky you are and it will make you want to provide the same things to others who don’t have what you have.

3. Professional experience

Even though you can’t earn any money through volunteering, the experience you will gain while doing it could help you professionally later on. Of course, not all volunteer experience is significant for your future job but many volunteering projects offer you an insight into real jobs and the way some things function, which can be an attractive item in your resume. You never know which volunteering experience can help you get the job you want.

4. Change of perspective

Joining a volunteering project will throw you into a new situation and an unknown environment. There, on new territory, you will quickly become aware of your own prejudices, ignorance, and misconceptions.

Volunteering will also point you to the things you need to change about yourself. If you want to see the world and yourself in a whole new way, then try to volunteer overseas because that will make you leave your comfort zone, stripping away your personality so that you can see what you can improve about yourself. Your perspective of life will change, making you want to improve some things about your own personality while getting to know more about other people and other countries.

5. Increased self-confidence

When you are doing good for other people, it fills you with a sense of accomplishment. You feel that you are doing something meaningful, which is a great boost for your confidence and self-respect. It will also give you a sense of identity and pride – you will feel good about giving something back to the community without wanting anything in return. And when you feel confident and proud of yourself, it’s much easier to achieve your goals and to move forward in life.

6. Making new friends

Great people are everywhere around you; you just need a chance to meet them. Volunteering is a great way to meet people from different backgrounds who share the same goal with you—helping others. This bond between you will be the basis of your friendship, allowing you to expand your horizons through other people. This common interest could bring you firm friendships with people whom you couldn’t meet in any other situation.

7. Combating depression

One of the main reasons for depression is social isolation. Becoming a part of something bigger, joining a volunteering project will allow you to have regular contact with other people, which is a way of a firm support system. You feel connected to others, which relieves symptoms of depression, and you also have a meaningful task to do, making you feel good about yourself and your actions. In case you are working with pets and other animals, it can additionally help you fight depression. Animals are proven to reduce stress and anxiety in people.

8. Better physical health

Studies have found that volunteering can help you live longer. The simple reason is that volunteers tend to walk more and be more physically active than people who don’t do any volunteer work. So, it’s less likely that regular volunteers will develop high blood pressure or heart disease. They also experience less chronic pain and are in much better shape. It doesn’t mean that volunteering always includes a strenuous physical job—it just means volunteers are more physically active and they often spend more time in the fresh air.

All in all

Volunteering is an enriching experience, both to those who volunteer and those whom the volunteers help. It is an act that requires just a bit of your time, will and physical effort but it gives so much more to everyone included.

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