Declutter Your Home In 21 Days


In these “Pandemic Days,” many of us want to keep things at home as clean as possible. Sometimes that’s an impossible job because the clutter we’ve allowed to accumulate covers the surfaces.  There’s stuff in every space. To clean, we have to move it or put it away and there is just too much stuff and too little space.

Not only is clutter unhealthy in these times, but clutter can ruin the appearance of an otherwise beautiful home. Many of us needlessly store stuff in our houses that we never plan on using again and over time this can really build up.

This infographic from HappyCleans addresses this issue. It looks at how you can declutter your home in just 21 days. Let’s begin day one by removing all the paper we unnecessarily stockpile. The majority of old bills, receipts and other random bits of paper can be thrown out or recycled so sort through them and only keep what you really need.

On day 2, it’s time to work through the fridge and freezer. Started by removing everything from the fridge and freezer and by throwing away everything you won’t eat or that has expired. Also, make sure to place any items that are near their expiry dates to the front so they can be eaten as soon as possible.

Another area of the home that can become very much cluttered is the entertainment area. We often keep old DVDs and CDs that we never plan on watching or listening to again. These will be appreciated by local charities and someone else can enjoy them for the first time.

Have a quick read through the full infographic and start decluttering your home today. It really won’t take as long as you think to get your home sparkly clean!

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