Feeding the Soul

This is an article I wrote some years ago and now, with the pandemic raging on, many are searching for more meaning. I have searched most of my life, and I thought this might help. I’m not saying you should accept anything I say here. I’m saying that it’s important that you do your own search and find answers that have meaning for you.


I’ve been sitting here for quite some time trying to figure out how to start this article without offending anyone. Well, I’ll probably offend someone anyway, so we’ll start out by saying it right out – “Let’s talk about your soul.”

For some people, it is the most important subject of all and they have definite ideas about their belief about God, religion, and/or spirituality. Some people can take it or leave it and some give it no thought at all.

I’m in the first group and I’m not here to tell you how or what to do or think about anything. I’m just going to tell my own story.


I have been aware of God since I was a very young child in a family that never mentioned a Divine Being, and I have searched for what is real for me in and out of religion. My journey has taken me in and out of fundamentalism, in and out of other Christian outreaches, and in and out of the Catholic Church, including a nine-year stint in the convent. It has also taken me in and out of some rather esoteric places and practices.  I was seeking Truth and thought it had already been defined for me somewhere.  I didn’t find it. I found all kinds of things done in the “name of God” that didn’t seem appropriate. I found other things that seemed to feed my soul but were more dessert than meat and potatoes if you know what I mean. I listened to “great preachers and teachers” expound on the virtues of God and later read about their escapades and trickeries in the newspaper.

I had many more questions than answers. The Bible (and I learned later that other sacred writings) taught that the Kingdom of God was within me but I didn’t know how to get there. When I was beginning to do some meditation in my search for “within”, the pastor of my church gave a sermon on Transcendental Meditation saying that when you empty your mind, Satan and all his demons come in and take over and you’ll never get them out. Everything in me knew that was wrong and I left knowing I would not return.

And I have been gently led to learn more and put the pieces of my own puzzle together. I studied metaphysics and taught it for a while. I attended and held guided and unguided meditations. I have worked with energy and energetics.  And after a while, things began to settle in for me. I now have a daily practice of reading uplifting literature, meditation, prayer, affirmations, and trying to stay in the moment and in the presence of God. I am still a student and probably will be for the rest of my life. I try to keep my thoughts and speech positive and be good to all those I meet But what feeds my soul the best?


The bottom line? I am at peace.

What feeds your soul? If you have found what gives you joy and peace – oh, that is wonderful.

If you have not, don’t be afraid to search. “Ask and you shall receive” is real.

If you really don’t care, then, in your own way you have answers that work for you now. 

I believe that life is meant to be lived in joy. What do you believe?  Answering that question can accelerate your path on the road to self-improvement and feed your soul its meat and potatoes as well as dessert.

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