How Office Design Brings Happiness to the Workspace

Many organizations today are trying different methods to ensure improved productivity among their staff and a common approach used by most companies is to revamp the office space. A recent study conducted by the National Business Furniture shows that having a cluttered work area has a negative impact on staff productivity and happiness. The study found it to be especially true in 70% of employed women and 55% of employed men.

In another recent research study, it is found that the physical workspace affects mental workspace. The study further shows that 9 of 10 employed Americans signal aspects of their workspace may make them unhappy, with a common factor being uncomfortable workspace ergonomics.

To curb this and bring happiness to the workspace, more employers are looking for ways to revamp the office design. This includes providing ergonomic office chairs and other forms of improved modern furniture, like the ones at room service 360°, to make the workspace more comfortable in order to yield productivity.

Some other ways to improve happiness in your workspace includes:

1. Comfortable Furniture

Good office chairs and tables help improve productivity among office workers, as it helps them sit comfortably in the correct posture, which also reduces the risk for neck and low back pain. A PubMed study also shows the effectiveness of a chair intervention in the workplace to reduce musculoskeletal symptoms. The average office staff spends up to 8 hours at work, which means they tend to sit more. Investing in good chairs can have a huge impact on concentration levels, which will help employees to be more productive. 

Another innovation that is gradually being introduced into the workspace is the standing desk to reduce the number of hours employees have to sit. With the standing desks, they can stretch their legs, walk around, alternate between sitting and standing, and eventually reduce the risk of illnesses that might result from a sedentary lifestyle.

2. Step up the Tech

Technology is constantly evolving and there are many tools available today to make work much easier. Companies can maximize communication software such as Slack, Zoom, Flock, and more to collaborate on projects effectively. They can also make use of cloud-based projects or task management software, such as Asana, Basecamp, Wrike, and Trello, to stay organized across workflows. Time tracking tools can also come in handy. All these would help improve productivity and happiness in the workspace, as work is constantly being made easier with the use of technology.

3. Allow Some Privacy

Many offices have employed the open-plan office method with the hope that it helps improve collaboration among employees. However, a new Harvard study shows that this idea is making the team less collaborative. You can simply add a grouping of semi-private workstations or divider panels to allow some privacy if it helps the employees work more effectively and to stay happy at work.


The happiness of the employees often translates to more productivity at work, which is why every company should put extra effort to ensure the office is designed to make every staff comfortable as they work. 

About the Author

Stefan Paulo is a young entrepreneur. He says, “I am passionate about digital technologies and try to implement them in the sphere of education. I observe all the news connected with online tools and am always ready to tell about them.”

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