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How to Maintain Hope During Infertility - Self Improvement

How to Maintain Hope During Infertility

Infertility can be crushing. You might feel totally alone, even though you’re surrounded by a supportive spouse or partner, family members, and even healthcare professionals. If you want a baby and learn that you may not be able to have one, it can feel like a gunshot wound straight to the heart. Needless to say, it’s difficult to maintain hope.

Though the news of infertility can make you feel isolated, the first thing to understand is that you’re definitely not alone in your struggle. Over 6 million women in the United States aged 15-44 have fertility issues.

If that statistic doesn’t necessarily make you feel better, that’s okay. In fact, it’s okay to not feel okay. It’s okay to feel a little lost, lonely, and even depressed. But, keep in mind that you don’t have to feel this way forever. Things might seem hopeless now, but there are ways you can get through this trying time and come out stronger on the other side.

Going Through All Your Options

If having a child is important to you, you don’t have to give up based on the news that you have fertility issues. There are other options to consider that can either help you to become pregnant, or help you to introduce a child in need to your family.

IVF has gotten a lot of attention in recent years, mostly because of its success rate. Women under 35 who go through IVF treatments have a live birth success rate of 40%. Unfortunately, many women and couples choose not to partake in IVF treatments because they’re very expensive. The average cost for treatments is about $12,000, and can go even higher than that.

Most insurance companies don’t cover IVF treatments, either, because they’re considered to be elective procedures. But, some states and businesses do cover IVF, so do your research if you’re interested so you don’t have to spend your entire life savings to have the baby you’ve always wanted.

If having a baby on your own just isn’t an option, you can also look into adoption. At any given time, there are over 100,000 kids in foster care in the U.S. waiting to be adopted and to find loving homes. Some people are hesitant to adopt because they worry about the connection with a child that isn’t their own, or that they’ll miss out on things like being able to breastfeed.

While breastfeeding can help to develop an attachment with a baby and it does have certain health benefits, it’s certainly not necessary. In fact, only 39% of babies in developing countries under the age of 6 months are exclusively breastfed. Adopting a child is an incredible experience, and you’ll likely find that they’ll become a part of your family immediately, no matter their age.

Introducing a Different Kind of Family Member

Hearing news that you can’t have a child can be a devastating blow. After experiencing something like that, you might not be ready to try things like IVF or consider adoption for a while. It’s okay to give yourself time to heal, and even time to grieve.

But, slowly, you can find hope and comfort again, and you might even be ready to introduce a different kind of family member in your life. Adopting a puppy is a great way to add life to your household. They can help to reduce stress, keep you active and entertained, and they need a lot of the same kind of attention babies need on a regular basis. That includes helping them to develop routines, feeding them, and making sure they stay safe.

However, puppies also are naturally curious and might get into things they shouldn’t! Be sure to get pet insurance to cover any unexpected medical costs for your new furry friend. A puppy isn’t meant to replace a child, but it can be a welcomed distraction. They’re a life that takes responsibility and care, and that can mean a lot to someone who has naturally-caring instincts and desires.

Finding Hope When You Feel Hopeless

Hopelessness is a feeling that might seem out of your control. At times, it can feel overwhelming and powerful. It can lead to added stress in your life, and can even lead to mental health issues like anxiety or depression. But, you don’t have to feel hopeless during infertility forever. In fact, creating hope can be good for both your mental and physical health, and can inspire you to keep moving forward with your options.

To find hope, acknowledge the situation rather than trying to ignore it. Shift your focus to more positive things, and make decisions as though that hope will become a reality. In the meantime, you can push stress aside by partaking in things like meditation and mindfulness.

Give yourself time to breathe after learning about your infertility. Managing your stress and finding hope will make it easier to keep growing, and keep going. As you can see, you still have options, even if you struggle with infertility. Keep those options in mind as you look toward the future, and have faith that in some way, you’ll be able to share your nurturing love with someone (or something) very special.

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