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Losing Weight and Feeling Healthy During Covid-19 - Self Improvement

Losing Weight and Feeling Healthy During Covid-19


Have you given up on your goals of losing weight and feeling healthy during this pandemic? As you close in on what feels like day 1,000 of stay at home orders, getting a beach body feels more like a dream than a reality. However, before you hang up your fitness goals, take the time to review these options for a healthier more fit you, even in quarantine.

Start a Clean-Eating Diet

The first part of losing weight, getting healthy, and meeting fitness goals is with a two-week clean-eating diet plan. This is a great way to reset your eating habits that may have fallen by the wayside while staying at home. To make a clean diet plan, you want to increase your intake of healthy foods, such as fruits, healthy fats, proteins and fresh vegetables, and decrease unhealthy options such as sugars, carbs and alcohol. By introducing these healthier foods, you can help give your body the needed jump start to getting ready for the summer quickly. Take the time to plan out and meal-prep your menu to help you get your clean-eating diet off to the right start.

Introduce Supplements

To help you as you change your diet, look into adding supplements to your meals as well. There are a variety of options for supplements that all can support your diet. For example, a supplement with bio x4 ingredients can support your weight loss management, digestion and suppress your appetite.

Other supplements provide metabolism support and help how your body processes substances like sugars and fats. Before you get started with a dietary supplement plan, check the recommended amount listed, your body can only process so much at a time, and overdosing on a supplement may lead to serious health issues.

Get Fresh Air

Once you have your introductory diet plan in place, you want to start working out.  To help you get started with outdoor exercise, without needing gym equipment, plan for areas where you can stretch out without blocking walking paths. If you are just beginning, schedule in time for walks each day.

This is a simple way to start getting in shape, without overwhelming yourself. Even if you only can get in 30 minutes, studies have shown that this can help you get back in shape. When making your workout plan, try to mix up your exercise so that you can target different areas of your body for a more balanced workout. Finally, don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

Try Intermittent fasting

After completing your two-week clean-eating diet plan, you should plan to bring some of the basic tenets of your diet to your meal planning. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to keep cutting out all types of foods anymore. By using intermittent fasting, you can reintroduce different foods back to your meals.

If you are not familiar with this term, it is a different take on dieting. Rather than changing what you should eat, change the pattern of how you are eating. There are three common ways to fast, each offering their benefits. Take the time to research which one is best for you, and don’t be afraid to try different ones to discover which one is best in your effort of losing weight.

Take Advantage of Apps 

Finally, if you are looking for extra help in achieving your goals,of losing weight and feeling healthy take advantage of your cell phone. There is a large variety of fitness and health apps that can help you succeed. The benefit of these apps is they do the hard work of tracking what you eat and how you are exercising. All you have to do is feed in the information, and the app will do the rest. With a good workout app, you can avoid the stress of planning your exercises and rely on your phone to give your workout the variety it needs.

No matter how you chose to get in shape, don’t let being at home stop you from succeeding. Don’t forget to give yourself a break if you miss a day, the important thing is that you keep going. Good luck on achieving your goals.


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