Making Manifesting Your Own

Did you ever hear the story about Jim Carrey? About how Jim Carrey became the millionaire actor he is today because when he was a struggling actor he wrote himself a $10 million dollar check dated five years in the future. And how when he hit the date on the check he had manifested $10 million dollars. Per movie.

I have heard it many times and each time I thought, “What’s Jim’s secret and how do I learn it?”

But before I even heard the story about Jim’s folded up check in his wallet, I was into the idea of manifesting my desires. I was hooked on the idea since I read “The Secret” back in 2007. The idea that I could have whatever I wanted.  No matter how impossible it seemed. And since I was already exploring astrology and crystals and meditation, I was all-in to add another dimension to my journey to an exceptional life.

I dove right in. Just like Jim.

Manifesting Millions?

Well, it didn’t work. I was not manifesting millions. Or sporting the body of a supermodel or flying first class to Bali or showing the patience of Mother Teresa.

But, being the lifelong student that I am, I read a few more books on the subject of manifesting.

I read about Jim’s darn check in a few more places.

I read about a near-broke young woman who fulfilled her wish of spending the summer in France by scheduling it in her calendar, taking the time off from work, and booking her hotel. A paid summer internship in Paris materialized just for the time period she had requested. And right near her hotel!

I read about Lady Gaga’s affirmations and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s visualizations.

I read about a young man who wanted to study magic in America and through his vision board manifested a wealthy sponsor. Once he manifested his ability to study in the US, he added “Malaysian Magician to Perform in Hollywood” to his vision board and manifested himself a invitation to perform at an exclusive, private magic club in, you guessed it, Hollywood.

I tried all of their methods of manifesting and then some. I acted as if I already had what I wanted.  I practiced daily visualization. I learned the art of the sigil. I said “I want”. I banished the word “want” from my vocabulary because it evokes a sense of lack. I created a manifestation box. I lit my wishes on fire. I buried them in the ground. I revisited my desires each day. I said them once and locked them away. I looked in the mirror and spoke affirmation after affirmation.

I told the Universe exactly what I wanted in the clearest language with the dates and times and locations all laid out. I told the Universe nothing but my wish. I wrote my desires on my body with Sharpie. I tried a lot of things. A LOT of things.

And guess what?

manifestingNothing really worked.

Do you want to know why nothing worked? Because there is no universal method to manifesting.  It is unique to each of us. And we each need to find what works for us.

And do you want to know what works for you? Something that you can have faith in.

If you don’t have faith that you can manifest the funds for your dream vacation by booking the flight and buying a bikini, then you won’t.

If you don’t have faith that you will be making $10 million in five years, then you won’t.

If you don’t have faith that you will find the girl of your dreams by picturing her in your head before you fall asleep each night, then you won’t.

We each need to piece together our own “secret”. One that we have complete faith in.

A Method that Worked for Me

I found a method of manifesting that works for me.

I learned a technique from life-coach Christie Marie Sheldon where I ask “What would it take for me to …” and I ask for what it is I want to manifest. A book deal. An extra $10,000 this month. Confidence. When I think of something I want, I write it down in my list and I read this list of “What Would It Takes” every morning and every night. I believe that I am asking the Universe to guide me.  To show me what it will take for me to manifest my desire. And I have faith that the Universe will guide me to exactly what I want.

My Secret

My “secret” doesn’t include giving specifics. If I ask “What would it take for me to go on an all-expense paid trip to Croatia in July.”, I end up disappointed. Because I know

Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

that I have yet to have faith that I can ask for things that specific. And I worry a little bit that I am limiting myself by being so specific. What if it is in my best interest to be home in July? But, if I ask “What would it take for me to go on an all-expense paid trip to Croatia”, I can get behind that all the way. I can have faith that I will be given the trip at some point in time, at the right point in time.

Part of my “secret” is asking for things I really want. Asking for $10 million dollars sounds really nice but I would never get it because I don’t really care about holding $10 million dollars or having that amount show in my bank account. I would, however, enjoy $10 million so that I can travel (a lot).  So instead of asking for $10 million when my heart is not really there, I ask to travel in luxury four times a year. I have the faith that I can have whatever really lights me up inside.

My “secret” also relies on accepting the lessons that sometimes have to be learned before I can have what I want. I believe my soul growth is as important as having 500 people attend one of my workshops or going on a yoga retreat or making lucrative investments so I want to manifest lessons that help me grow. I don’t believe that I can have everything all at once, but I do have faith that it is all coming to me. And the harder I work on letting go of my limiting beliefs and growing my character the quicker they will all manifest.

The most important part of my “secret” is to listen to my inner guidance, my intuition. I believe that I am being guided in every instant and the more I listen, the less I stray from the path that is taking me to the fulfillment of my desires. I have faith that I am being given all the opportunities and information I need.

Once I discovered my “secret”, I began easily manifesting lots of wonderful things. A $2500 check out of the blue to cover my daughter’s summer programs. An all-expense paid trip to a five-star spa. More time in my day. A flawless Christmas dinner for 30 people. A principal role on a TV show for my daughter. A publisher interested in my book. Every day I am being showered with things that I desire—big and small, emotional and material, for myself and for those I love. 

Now that I have shared my “secret”, go discover yours! Read all the books. Get all the ideas.  Then make them your own.

About the Author

Elyse Hudacsko served as guidance counselor to more than 500 young adults in her role as a Staffing and Development Manager at a Global Fortune 500 consulting firm for more than a dozen years.   She then turned her focus to homeschooling her two teenage daughters in things such as determination, kindness, observation, and vulnerability. And now Elyse is sharing her expertise in guidance and education as an author, coach, and speaker.

Elyse’s love of helping others find their true path springs from her personal experience of having followed everyone else’s suggestions to an Engineering degree at Cornell University, a job as a computer programmer, a NYC penthouse apartment.  And a life that did not light her up.

After years of studying and reflection she discovered her authentic self and her own unique path.  And this process she wishes to share with others.

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