OOPS! The Blog was down. But we’re back and better

Yikes. The blog’s been down. Saturday morning I worked on this blog and Saturday afternoon it was GONE. Disappeared into cyberspace. Nowhere to be found.  Vanished. You get it.

It is finally back up. Oh, yes. And I missed all of you. I will catch up with all your mail and get your articles posted or at least in the queue.

The reasons were multiple but I won’t bore you with the details. My webmaster (who is also my son) was frantic and called everyone he knew who might be able to fix it and his efforts finally paid off.

Cannafyl CBD Oil

The bottom line is that the blog is back up.

Thank you for staying with us

When websites like this blog go down, many assume it’s gone forever. Some think it’s because you didn’t pay the bills. (Not the case here). Others say “Oh, well” and never come back.

But not you. You are my cherished reader and I value you more than you can know.

We have some exciting things coming up.

We are going to get the “real skinny” on CBD

I have found some delicious videos to share with you.

We’re going to talk more about relationships.

I’ m thinking of starting a forum and would like your feedback on that. Just put a comment in below.

By the Way

I would love to have your ideas on what you’d like to see here. We’ve been operating since 2007, which is old age for many blogs. We’re alive and well and growing. Many of us have changed in these 12 years and are interested in different things. Let me know what those things are and I’ll try to address them.

Do we need more articles on aging? We are, after all, each in the aging process and it’s nice to know what’s ahead.

Are you interested in wonderful places to travel that will help you with your self-improvement goals while taking you to new and interesting places?

What about hobbies?


More about authenticity and what it means when someone says, “Just be you”?

Write for us

If you want your article on the blog, read the guidelines and then send me what you’ve got. Nothing spammy, though.  Write about your favorite self-improvement subject or tool. Tell your story.

And, again, thanks for being a loyal reader.

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