The Quest For Motivation Is A Mental Trap.


You’re more likely to act yourself into feeling, than feel yourself into action.”~Jerome Bruner.


Forget about your search for motivation and just do that thing you’re meant to do in the first place.

Just do it!

Most people who go in search of motivation or a drive to achieve what they desire are just in the real sense scared of failure.

The fear of failure has cunningly deceived many into the subtle arms of motivation. They think getting enough motivation will put them up to the act of achieving their dreams, but on the contrary, it only gives a sort of feeling of all your achievements.

Don’t get me wrong!

Motivation is not in itself a wrong approach, but the thing is that people get the wrong idea of it and eventually they are trapped, it’s all in their head, their dreams become only a fantasy which they never really get to see come true unless of course, they break free from this mental trap.

If all I have said has described you, if you find yourself constantly in search of motivation to get your work done and you probably do not get it done at the end, then you must first tackle the root of all these, which is nothing else but the fear of failure.

Many people are stuck in the cycle of the fear of failure, and they might not even know it.

I have written this post to open your eyes to reality, to help you see that you’ve been going in circles and that you’ve not really hit the nail on its head.

The Fear Cycle

John Maxwell, in his book, Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes into Stepping Stones for Success,talks about the Fear Cycle, a cycle you don’t want to ride. He describes what happens to someone who is unable to overcome the fear of failure and gets caught in the fear cycle.

Someone who has experienced failure in the past, probably in a small business finds himself in a similar situation and suddenly fear strikes as he remembers his past failures.

Doubt sets in, “it won’t be any different this time” “I’ll probably just fail at it again” “nobody will like to associate with me, a failure”.

“The fear of being rejected sets in and causes INACTION; this is where you decide not to try or act or make a move. Because of this singular choice you make, you fail to have any personal experience; you fail to keep learning and exploring which births INEXPERIENCE. The lack of experience further breeds INABILITY to handle similar situations and eventually FEAR increases’.

It is at this point that most people miss the real thing and start to look for motivation to keep them going instead of breaking out of the fear cycle.

I Am Not Left Out Too

I have been there myself; nobody is left out, even the most successful people get stuck too, the difference is they don’t dwell there for long. They break free and get going.

I was scared of failing; I always had this desire to take my writing seriously, I mean to become an inspiration to many and help them achieve a lot.

A very close person introduced me to blogging, how I can write for platforms and guest posts on other blogs. I started out with ghostwriting, afterwards, I created my personal blog, which for a whole year yielded no results.

As I took a look at my life, I felt like I was the one who needed help, and I felt like nobody was ever going to listen to me. Apparently, I had zero achievements.

This led to my inaction, I lost the motivation to carry on, so I threw away everything and focused on getting myself a “real job”. It paid off. At least I was getting a monthly payment, and I was busy, distracted is a better word for it, until the Coronavirus pandemic came and I lost the job.

I sat at home for two months doing nothing, just thinking about my life until it finally dawned on me. My fear of failing was eating me up, it was going to stop me from achieving my dreams, and I didn’t want that, I believe you don’t want that for yourself because I don’t too.

There’s nothing much to learn from my life, but there’s this: Don’t let your fear of failing or making a mistake sap your dream life from you.

This Isn’t What You Think It Is.

This is not another motivational talk to caress your heart and make you feel like you can achieve all you want just to leave you halfway with no decisions made or work carried out.

Truth is you can’t!!!

You can’t achieve your goals unless you take responsibility today! Unless you just do what has to be done, once and for all.

This is a written piece from me to help you take that initial step you’ve been running away from.

If we look at it truthfully, I can’t do much to help you, but you can help yourself by taking matters in your hands to see your dreams come alive.

I am that young writer that will look you in the eye and tell you that there’s no shortcut to achieving that goal of yours unless you do the work!

As I was writing this piece, my older sister came talking to me about a podcast she was listening to online and that it was a 21-day-long session.

She talked about so many testimonies from people who have been punctual in attendance to the online meetings. The testimonies were about how great the sessions had touched them.

My response was this, programs, sessions, podcasts and even write-ups are great motivations for people, but the only satisfying thing is if it actually yields results.

I’m not talking about driving traffic for the writer or any of those, which are actually good for me though, I appreciate every comment, likes, and shares I could get, but the ultimate goal is to know that you read this piece and as a result you took action, you quit procrastination and freed yourself from the paralysis fear has caused you.

Motivation alone won’t do it, you have to take action, and there’s no better time to do that but now!

Breaking Free!

You can break free from the cycle of fear if you want to. Nobody’s going to do it for you. You must do it yourself.

The following steps will set you on track but bear in mind that your being consistent is what will bring the results, don’t stop when the going gets tough.

Get a pen and notepad ready, you’re about to take your first step to break down the walls of fear that have surrounded you till now.

Examine Yourself and adjust your expectations

What do you really want to achieve?

Do you expect things to go perfectly?

Do you expect to try once and succeed?

How many times do you expect to make a mistake before you succeed?

Focus on your strengths

Do you know your area of strength?

Do you have the skills and talents to achieve your goals?

Way Forward

Pick one goal you’re most afraid to tackle right now. Write it out.

Write out your fears associated with this goal.

Write out five (5) steps you can take to achieve this goal.



Think of two(2) people that can keep you accountable. You don’t want to start and stop halfway.



Think of five (5) ways to get back up and fire on when you make a mistake. I’ll give you a clue; you can always record your wins and go over them again when you’re feeling down, or when you have a bit of a setback. That’s one thing you could do to get back up, come up with some other ideas.


Take Action Now!

Start with the first step on your list to achieve that goal, and it doesn’t matter how big or small, it doesn’t matter if you try and fail, what matters is your determination to keep going.

You can’t avoid fear, but you can choose to feel the fear and go ahead anyway.

That’s how it works, and you can’t keep waiting for motivation to get you started because most times it never shows up, you have to act, just do it. It is in acting you start catching the feeling and motivation you need to carry on.

There’s no excuse for failure. You might fall many times but be determined to pick yourself up and fire on!

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