‘Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house…

It’s the day after Christmas. Christmas is over. The wrappings are gathered and thrown in the trash. The leftovers are stored in the refrigerator, and some of you are worried about the weight you may have gained, afraid to get on the scales to see the truth. Some of the toys are already broken, the dog has chewed on his new bone until it is a nasty looking mess, and some of you feel the “let down”  that comes when you plan and work and look-forward-to something and now it’s over.

The day after Christmas is sometimes a  tough day.  It is sandwiched in between Christmas Day and New Years Day, and you choose what else goes into it and what flavor you want to make it. It is a good day to mellow out and “just be” if that is possible at your house.

The Day After Christmas is a Day for Reflection

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I find that it is the perfect day for reflection—to take a look at the year that is ending and the new year that is about to be

gin. I ask myself:

day after Christmas

  • How did I do last year?
  • Did I grow as a person and as a spiritual being?
  • What did I learn?
  • What did I give?
  • Did I contribute anything to make the world a better place? If so, what?
  • Was I a good friend?
  • Did I act like a good friend to myself?
  • Was I honest in all my dealings?
  • Did I take care of myself properly
  • Was I a good neighbor?
  • With other people and the critters, was I kind?
  • And more

The Day After Christmas is a time for appreciation and gratitude

I look around me at all I have. Do I often realize how blessed I am or do I take it for granted? Oh, yes, I do and I am very grateful

Do I tell the people I love and those I work with how much I appreciate them?  Probably not enough.

Do I appreciate my good health? Do I take care of this amazing body? Or do I stuff it with the wrong food and allow it to get stiff sitting in a chair in front of the computer all day? I’ll try to do better.

I live in an amazingly beautiful place. I don’t have to remember to appreciate the stunning sunrises and sunsets, the mountains in the early morning, the wildlife that is all around. Every day I am grateful that I moved to Fountain Hills. Everyday I am grateful for the beauty that surrounds me.

Fountain Hills is an amazingly friendly place. I have lived here a year next month and I appreciate the goodness of my neighbors and those I meet as I go out and about.

I appreciate:

  • Jack, the love of my life, who has been and is my rock. I can always rely on him and he made my Christmas (and my life) amazing.
  • My sons. Such love.
  • Smarty, my dog, who is such a loving companion and keeps me laughing and I have gratitude for the town’s dog park that has allowed me to make new friends, have a place to walk, and gives Smarty a place to play and run.
  •  Freedom more and more as I see what is happening to people all over the world and I am grateful for those who work and die to keep it free.

I am grateful for …

My list is endless.

Thank you, God, for the bounty which we have received …

Now it’s Your Turn

How did YOU do in 2018?

What do you appreciate? What are you grateful for?







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