‘Tis the Night Before Christmas . . .

It’s Christmas Eve day — or, as the poem says, “The night before Christmas.”

Last minute rush

Some of you are rushing around trying to get the last minute gifts wrapped, the house in order, preparing food that can be fixed ahead of time, meeting and greeting those who have traveled to be with you and on and on. It is a hectic, and happy day for you. Take a deep breath. Relax a bit. Take a moment out to reflect on what the day means for you.

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Maybe a bit blue

Some of you are feeling a bit blue, remembering times past when things were different. You may be alone and lonely. If so check the Internet or the yellow pages if you still have them. Find a place you can volunteer for today and tomorrow. Possibilities? Go to a nursing home and ask if there are people night before Christmaswho will have no visitors. Adopt a grandma or grandpa for the day. Bring them a small gift—a flower, some cookies or candy if they can have it. Visit for a while. Or, go to a homeless shelter and help serve Christmas dinner. If nothing else, go for a walk. Change your state. There are many lonely people—if you find another one, then there are two people who won’t be lonely for Christmas.

Maybe you are grieving

Some of you are grieving. Dear one, please be gentle with yourself and with those around you who are also grieving. It may help to observe all the standard holiday rituals with a special remembrance of the one who is gone. It may help to talk about it.  Seek what gives you comfort and helps you get through the painful memories. Do the best you can. No one can expect more.

Enjoy the now

Some of you don’t celebrate Christmas. That’s o.k. Enjoy the now, enjoy the day. Enjoy others who do celebrate. Celebrate with them, if you can and when your celebration comes, let them join you.

Let each one have his joy without trying to stop them or change them.  Remember, as Rumi says, “The soul is here for its own joy.”

And to each of you:  Merry Christmas

                                                       Happy Holidays. 

                                                                     Seasons greetings.

However it is that you approach Christmas, may your day be filled with Love.

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