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Why Taking a Career Break Is Good For Your Mental Health - Self Improvement

Why Taking a Career Break Is Good For Your Mental Health


Work & Mental Health

work-life balance is essential; otherwise, a person may feel polarized due to excessive work demands. If we are unable to find this equilibrium in our lives, then our personal life and family life suffers a great deal. When a person goes through a work burnout, it causes extreme amounts of work-related stress that can lead to emotional and physical imbalance. A person even when accomplishing goals may feel a reduced sense of triumph and also go through a loss of personal identity.

According to a study published at the US National Library of Medicine, work burnouts can cause 38.3% of people to experience high levels of emotional exhaustion as well as high levels of depersonalization in 38.3% of people. In light of this study, let us see how taking a career break can offer you terrific benefits regarding your mental health concerns. So without any further ado, let’s jump right into them:

Career Break & Mental Health

·         Acquiring Skills

When you opt for a career break, you are basically detaching yourself from all work-related stress that can hamper your learning abilities as well. Once you are unemployed, you have ample amounts of time to dedicate yourself to newer forms of learning and thus opening an opportunity for you to acquire a huge list of new skills. These can include learning a new language, problem-solving skills, enhanced time management, learn to play a musical instrument, and much more. We dedicate ourselves to around 8.4 hours during our regular workdays, and it might be even more for some. With a career break, you can utilize all that freed up time and commit yourself to learn about new subjects and topics.

·         Becoming More Creative

The mind can wander away in thoughts. However, when you sharpen your mind and give it proper care, your imagination and overall creativity spark up. During a career break, you venture away from all the stress that has been bothering you to the point that it suffocated you. Now with a breathing space and a certain degree of calm, you can use your mind to think about things in a more creative manner. All you need to do is simply focus your mind, and it can help to generate a generous amount of ideas. Some may even surprise you!

·         Greater Zeal

When we feel burned out, it hardly lets us recover. Once the damage is done, it takes a definite toll on our capabilities to renew and rejuvenate ourselves both emotionally and physically.  However, with a career break your energy levels and reserves can be refilled. This will allow you to experience a feeling of making new commitments and finding greater zeal to step towards everyday obligations. You will find yourself recovering and healing on a daily basis. Then there will come a time where a voice inside you will eventually push you towards accepting challenges rather than running away from them.

·         Having New Perspectives

When we engross ourselves in an un-dynamic and static environment, our minds also become fixated. This hampers our decision-making skills as we look at things in the same old manner, making us shortsighted. However, with a career break, you have enough time to break away from paradigms that have been hurting you all through the ordeal. Now you can find new angles and approaches towards things and find new meanings. The ability to change your perspective about your life, mission, and goals is not an easy thing to do. However, it is also one of the most powerful ways that can help you transform into a more mature person.

·         Indulging in Your Passions

There are often times when we find ourselves unable to nurture our passions. Our daily routines and busy schedules often deplete our energies faster than we think. Once our working hours are over, we are unable to find the enthusiasm in us to pursue after our passions. This way, they eventually rot and leave us. However, a career break can provide you with all the necessary energy and positive feelings to step away from all the stress that hinders our cognitive process. With your mind feeling fresh and vitalizing energies coursing through your veins, it is time that you not only indulge in your passions but also master them as well.

·         Re-Learning Relaxation

Going through recurring stress make us unable to break away from continuous pressure, and it makes us go spiraling down. There are all sorts of trauma, and you find yourself being overburdened even with the tiniest of problems. Things become inconvenient, and you start losing interest to the point you even forget what relaxation is and what it felt like. With a career break, you are finally able to disengage yourself. Once you disconnect from your busy schedule, it gives your mind and body time to revitalize and become refreshed. Feelings of relaxation come sweeping in, and you finally find out what you have been missing in your life all this time.

·         Road Testing a New Career

A career break is also a great time to analyze your past decisions and think about new ways that can brighten up your days in the future. With your senses finally able to normalize and become centralized with everything around you, it offers you the chance to choose for yourself a new career. You can now experiment and test out your original hypothesis. This will give you something new in your life to pursue and also bring in tons of excitement since you will try out something that you have never done before. Eventually, you will find yourself learning new things that concern you and how you can better utilize your current set of abilities.

·         Improved Self-Care

Taking care of your diet, health, and mental health is crucial if you want to live this life like a reasonable and sensible person. Due to work-related stress, we often feel too overwhelmed to think like an average person, and this reduces our ability to make proper judgments. With a career break, you can work yourself towards a healthy mind and body. You can devote yourself to improve your daily diet, trying out new regimens and workout. Overall you will find enough resources to regain your health and grow stronger both physically and mentally.

·         Slowing Things Down

People often find themselves flowing with the current; it can prove to be beneficial for some, while others may feel otherwise. When things are going at a faster pace, we often are unable to focus on what is essential for us. Career breaks allow you to take strides at your own pace. This means that you can slow things down according to your preferences and thus make better calls. You are able to pay attention to details that were once unavailable to you. The way you approached things before final shifts, and you can find new directions that were once unapproachable for you.

·         Travelling

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits that a career break offers that can also soothe your mental health is travelling. Those who travel find a change in their surrounding scenery and also open new doors to learning about the world around us. Meeting new people and visiting new places unties a lot of knots inside us. You feel a certain degree of freedom and liberty to go on an exploration trip. Surprisingly you learn not only about new places but also about yourself. Travelling helps you discover yourself and uncover truths that were once hidden from you. It is enjoyable and enlightening at the same time.


A career break is most definitely advisable for people who are suffering from a lot of work stress that is causing them to lose their sense of reality. However, we do wish that such events never come to pass. However, an early decision and some foresight can help you to save yourself from going through such suffering and torment in the first place. We hope that the benefits, as mentioned earlier, will help you make a better decision regarding your mental health and why a career break can be the right choice for you.

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John William currently works as a Health Consultant at Dissertation Assistance, where higher education students can acquire professional assistance from experts specializing in their field of study. During his free time, he likes to indulge himself in philanthropic activities that can bring about the greater good for his community and other people.

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