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5 Career Improvement Tips You Can Consider in 2019 - Self Improvement

5 Career Improvement Tips You Can Consider in 2019

Even before 2019 came, you may have been thinking of how to plan and start your year right – from setting up a healthier meal plan up to climbing up in your career ladder. When tackling your career, this does not just mean getting promoted or coming to the office earlier than usual. This is also about mastering your craft and developing your personality as a professional. Here are some ways to improve your career this 2019:

Attend seminars and workshops

While the organization you are in may be giving you annual training, it is even greater to find professional conferences outside your company. Attending these bring a positive impact both on your professional and personal life.

Seminars, conferences, and workshops are platforms build your personality as well. These will give you opportunities to network with other professionals and will help you meet a potential employer in the future.

Read the trends in your industry

Apart from the traditional career improvement strategies you have learned five years ago, it is a must to stay on top of the industry trends, especially in the industry you are in. One way is to customize your newsfeed of the relevant pages and news to follow. Selecting what to see first on social media will help you avoid browsing too long. If you don’t have enough time to browse through, you may bookmark or save pages as well.

Making a strong connection with your team and maintaining a professional relationship with other businesses will also guide you with the latest trends related to your career. You may also subscribe to online magazines and look out for business forums for other relevant sources.

Volunteer for projects and organizational events

Getting yourself involved to volunteer on projects and events will help you feel motivated and productive. Committing some time on projects outside work will strengthen your personal brand as you get along with others. This might be a good chance to learn new things as well. You may meet new people who know another language or have skills that can be used in your current job. This will also help you develop your communication and people skills.

If you have excellent tech skills and are knowledgeable in programming or animation, you may search for opportunities in schools where you can share the basics of what you know. Who knows, you’re next potential talent might be in those places.

Enroll in online school

If you are a bachelor’s degree holder, currently employed full-time and interested to earn a master’s degree but going to a university is not an option, you may opt to get an MBA degree online for a more flexible schedule and environment. Studying online is a surefire way to advancing your skills without compromising your other priorities.

Watch webinars related to your career

Another way to learn even during your free time is to watch webinars related to your career. This is way easier than attending the usual seminars and conferences. Other than adjusting your time according to the scheduled webinar, you won’t have to worry about traveling to the venue since you can watch and learn at the convenience of your home.

Always learn new things – may sound cliché, but it is the biggest step toward improving your career. You just have to practice patience, enjoy the process and you’ll eventually reach career success.

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Elle Cabreza is a writer and music enthusiast – A be-dimpled girl who loves to encourage others through words and writings, and enjoys spending quality time and good food with her loved ones.


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