5 Tips On How To Maintain Focus On Your Career While In Recovery

Leading a life with addiction is very complicated. Aside from all the issues and problems that can grow within our relationships, there are other factors that can and will be affected when we’re abusing any substances, such as alcohol or cocaine among others. One of the most important things for us in life is to have our priorities straight; this literally means that we have to look inside ourselves and organize what’s important for us and what should be important for us. Having a job is a necessity for most, and not only to have one but to maintain it in order to not be at risk of getting broke financially. Staying focused while undergoing treatment for addiction can be rather challenging. Here are five tips on how to maintain focus on your career while in recovery.

Have your priorities organized

Sorting out the things that are the most relevant to us in life can be challenging when dealing an addiction. Not only for the one going to recovery but also for everyone around him or her. By organizing priorities we guarantee that everything will remain as normal and functional as possible while dedicating time and effort to the rehabilitation process.

For someone going through recovery, it might be difficult to sort everything out alone. It is important to have support and outside of the box thinking to keep everything in its proper place. Taking care of ourselves should be the most important thing followed by the rest.

Look for help and support

We already have all the love and support from our families and friends. But it’s very important to receive support from our employer, especially when there’s a disease such as addiction present. Find information on Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). Often going to rehab is covered and it’s actually encouraged. It’s beneficial not only for the patient and his or her professional profile but for the company as well.

It’s also widely advised to research and inform ourselves on what legal protection we can have. The Family and Medical Leave Act protects the right to keep our employment when we need a leave of absence. Sometimes a leave is needed when we are working to overcome a qualified medical condition, such as alcohol abuse. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) also permits employers to offer a substance-free work environment which complies with federal law. It also gives some protection to employees that qualify for alcohol use disorders.

Get a program that fits your needs and your employer’s

Between inpatient and outpatient programs, it depends on what we want and need. In some cases, it’s recommended to be an inpatient since this allows total control over the environment and the patient. When we choose outpatient treatment, there are also a set of advantages that will benefit our career as well.

Being able to live in our own house while in recovery can be very helpful. It shows us and trains us to live without using substances in a real environment. While we’re at work, we will also get supervised to ensure that the program is going as planned. Attending group sessions, therapy and one on one sessions can also be done with this and it has the advantage that we will always feel more comfortable in familiar scenarios.

Stimulate your brain and motivate yourself

Although this can sounds a bit obvious, stimulating our brains to remain active and responsive has a massive effect on how we perform not only at work but in general. When our mind is in constant activity, it will be easier to focus on daily tasks. Finding motivation and having a positive attitude is a key element.

Being able to find our passion and fight for it at a professional level is what keeps pushing us forwards. Setting professional goals throughout recovery can also help to maintain us motivated. Small short-term goals also help us to see how much progress we’re making in general and will also stimulate the reward system in our brains.

Remain healthy

The importance of remaining healthy is obvious but VERY important. Without health, we can’t focus on anything. We certainly cannot perform the way it is expected of us, especially at work. Having a balanced diet, working out often and having a normal sleeping pattern are essentials to be able to live a happy and healthy life. Our bodies will start changing once we adopt a better lifestyle and we will not only see that in the mirror but also on an everyday basis with the results of our work.

Maintaining focus on our jobs and careers is very important regardless of whether we’re dealing with an addiction or not. The way our professional profile develops is what we have to show to the world. To remain focused on our professions, it is widely recommended to have all the medical and legal help needed, all the support from our loved ones and love and support especially from ourselves.

If you’d like to ask a question or would like to suggest any other ways we can maintain focus on our careers, please feel free to leave a comment below.

About the Author:

 Hi! I’m Andy. I have been 8 years clean. Since then, I have learned to love myself, take full control of my life, focus on growing my business and helping others.


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