6 Business Ideas For Finding Your Mojo Again

Feeling like you’ve lost your mojo can be very disheartening — especially if you are usually a get-up-and-go kind of person.

A great way to rekindle that indomitable spirit of yours is to take a passion or interest and turn it into a business, giving you the freedom to work with something that truly inspires you every day. Read on to discover six great business ideas to help you find your mojo again.

Teaching, tutoring & coaching

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Whether you have taught professionally before, or have never even considered it, teaching and tutoring on a freelance basis can be a fantastic way to make the most of the (life) skills you already have.

It feels great to use your experience to inspire others. By working on a freelance basis, you retain good control over your working life. You could even aim to grow your tutoring niche as a business, eventually employing other tutors as well.

What are your hobbies and passions? What qualifications do you already have?

But the great thing about tutoring is that even if you have no formal teaching qualifications, this could still be an option to consider. You could put up a notice in the local library offering web design tuition. Or you could advertise in a pet grooming store offering dog training. And if you are a native English speaker with a college degree, you can even apply to teach English online, with no further teaching qualifications required.

Coaching is another option for people who feel they have something to give.  And what better way to find your own mojo again than helping others find theirs? The life coach industry has exploded over the past few years — but there are plenty of niches yet to be served. Also, people are more open to the idea of booking a coach to help them work through personal, professional, and spiritual ‘blocks’.

Make something crafty

Are you more of a practical person than a people-person? The crafts and trades can be great for finding your mojo again if you are happiest working with your hands.

Consider which of your hobbies and interests already make a good platform for a crafty business idea. Perhaps you love scrapbooking and card making – how about using Etsy to sell greetings cards? Or perhaps you enjoy creating gift baskets for your friends. You could create and sell these, using a website creation tool like Wix.com to set up your own website.

The possibilities are endless, with business ideas such as furniture restoration and upcycling just a couple of the great ideas for getting your mojo back through your handiwork.

A values-driven focus

If you’re super passionate about a cause, then why not turn that into your business? There’s nothing more likely to inspire you to find your mojo again than working for something that you truly believe in and choosing to work in a values-driven way.

The environment and global warming is a cause on many people’s lips today; if you’re equally as concerned about our planet, then you could consider your own eco-focused business – selling biodegradable packaging alternatives to plastic, or home-made deodorants to local health stores.

If you’re passionate about your food, you could focus on something specific – like a vegan or honey-based food product.

Do something practical

If you enjoy working with your hands but aren’t into craft, why not think about more practical activities? There are many sport-oriented practical business ideas you could peruse, including watersport instruction, roller-disco rinks or yoga classes.

If you’d like to work in nature, you could set up businesses such as gardening, lawn mowing, or even tree surgery. The great thing about these sorts of businesses is that you can start off by yourself, working in a beautiful environment, aiming to grow and employ others once that mojo kicks back in.

More of a practical engineering kind of person? You could work with cars, offering maintenance and servicing, starting off with your family and friends. Car washes are always a popular way for young entrepreneurs to earn their first few bucks, but also offer potential for bigger enterprise.

Again, if you become successful, you can organically grow these sorts of businesses limitlessly.

Work with animals or children

If you love animals and children, there is no better way of putting a smile on your face and finding that mojo than spending your working day interacting with them. There are plenty of opportunities to work with animals and children and turn this passion into a business.

Do you love dogs? Setting up your own dog-walking business will give you the simple pleasure for caring for animals, whilst spending a large portion of your days in nature is great for your well-being. You could even look for jobs house-sitting whilst pet owners are out of town and have to leave their pets behind.

And if do you love pets, you don’t even need to leave the house to turn that into a business. There are plenty of pet shops for sale online that you can pick up and channel your passion into. You could even set up a blog to share tips and expertise on raising dogs, cats, hamsters, and more. Blogs are a great way to build up a community of like-minded people who will share and support your passion.

Equally, if you have experience looking after children, you could decide to work as a childminder or with playgroups, school clubs etc.

Much of this work could be found as voluntary roles with charities, which might be a great way to start out professionally, giving you the experience to then set up a small business later on.

Follow a passion in the arts

Budding artist at heart? If your passion is within the arts, whether that be music, writing, painting, photography, or something as equally creative, then the potential is limitless.

Online platforms such as Soundcloud and YouTube might be great to help you kickstart a music or video-related business that you’ve always wanted to set up.

If you’re more of a writer, your business idea could revolve around creating online content, or building your own online course or membership community.

And with the plethora of ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce, it’s not hard to set up businesses with a focus on selling physical artwork such as paintings and photography.

Just make sure to keep your goals achievable. It might take a while to build up a reputation but don’t lose sight of your original passion in the pursuit of success.

If you’ve lost your mojo, starting a business around something you are truly passionate about can be a great way to get back in the swing of things. Whether you’re more of a people, practical or arty person, the ideas above should be great for starting off small and building a business which inspires you every day.

 Some of these professions will of course need proper licenses, which can be fulfilling to work towards obtaining. And always make sure you have the appropriate business insurances. But the opportunity to increase your mojo alongside entrepreneurial success is a beneficial option that anyone can take part in.

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