8 Simple Tips for Creating an Inspirational Workplace

Since most of us spend a considerable amount of time in the office, it is important to have an office conducive to concentration and creativity.  Creating an inspirational workspace with these eight simple but proven tips could help you have such a space.

When setting up a personal workspace, be it a studio or an office or even a little cubby somewhere in your home, you want to personalize it and make it inspire you and your work.

Incorporate pieces of decor and use the setting around you to make what you do more inspired and enjoyable and yourself more productive and satisfied. Taking the time to setup an inspirational workspace can increase your efficiency while promoting increased happiness. Without further ado, let’s look at how.

Display Inspirational Quotes

Sometimes we need to be redirected or motivated by the right words. Inspirational quotes can certainly help in all aspects of life, and it is a great idea to have them around you while you work. Find them online or in your favorite books, and post them around your workspace in frames on your desk or tacked onto the wall so they can catch your attention and so you can look at them when you need a little pick-me-up. 

Sunlight Makes the Mind Bright

When setting up your office or workspace of any sort, try to pick a spot that features a window. Sitting near a window while working can double your alertness and make you feel happier. By letting in natural light while you work, you help yourself to work better and to feel less tired. 

Comfort Breeds Happiness

Choose a chair and desk/table that are comfortable to you. When spending long hours working from them, you don’t want to be distracted by a backache or by having to reach to access what you need. Have your chair and work surface be appropriate, corresponding heights and your seat be comfortable. Ensure that your working arrangement is ergonomic and will help you be the most productive. 

Create an “Inspiration Board”

Whenever you find bits and pieces of inspiration, add them to a board in your workspace that you can easily see while working. While flipping through magazines, or skimming the morning paper, or even browsing the web, print or tear out what strikes you in some way by either evoking a certain emotion or by being a piece of work well done.

Add Live Plants

Give your workspace some life and take a step in making it one that promotes a bit of green living. Include some greenery or put some bright blooms on the windowsill. Being able to care for a living thing and see it as you work can make you feel more in control of things and make you generally happier.

 A Clean Space is a Happy Space

Allowing your workspace to be messy and cluttered is a sure way to lose track of your things and your focus. Have a designated place for all of the essential items to your workspace and do your best to keep it all organized and stored properly.


Set the Mood with Music

It seems that the opposite would be true, but the right music playing can actually help you to focus better. Have your preferred classical or instrumental tunes easily accessible to play in your workspace to set a calm mood in the space and keep you powering through your tasks.

Don’t Get Carried Away

You want to (and should!) add personal touches to your workspace and incorporate colors and decor that suit your taste. However, you do not want to have so much going on with the design of your office that it becomes distracting and has too much stimulation. Aim to strike a balance between decorating and personalizing your workspace and making it work-like enough to keep you on task.

Get excited about setting up your own workspace! Put it together the way that you want it and in the way it will inspire you to do your best work. Make it comfortable, make it functional, and make it a positive influence.

About the Author

Rebecca Shipley is a business analyst (by day) and like her father, a habitual optimist. When she gets a few free moments, Rebecca loves to write and hopefully, inspire a few others in the process.



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