How to Ace an Interview for Three Big Companies

If you think that just being yourself and relaxing can help to get that job interview, you might be wrong. Irrespective of the position you have applied for, be prepared to face some tricky interview questions meant to test your patience, focus and honesty. Furthermore, you also have to learn how to give impressive answers to the hardest questions. Learning how to ace an interview for a big company will definitely help you improve your skills and boost the development of your career.

1.    How to Ace an Interview for Best Buy

Best Buy is one of the largest companies in the retail sector. It has also become a great employer when it comes to entry-level jobs. To prepare for this job interview, you have to learn a few things about the company first. The interview questions for Best Buy are usually about customer service or about the communication skills you have. The interviewer may put you to solve different in favor of both the customer and company.

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Everyone working at Best Buy has to be well-prepared when it comes to presenting every electronic and tech product. Furthermore, considering the fact that this is one of the most competitive companies, telling the interviewer how you think your evolution in their company would look like can be an advantage. This way, you prove that you are hardworking, determined and ambitious. Make sure to prove you are friendly also and that you care about other people’s needs. Offer your interviewer examples from your past experiences to showcase the ability to cope with different types of people.

2.    How to Ace an Interview for Facebook

When it comes to a giant company like Facebook, keep in mind that you have to do your homework before the interview. Therefore, you need to make sure to go through the company’s history and learn more about its projects. Furthermore, you should also discover which are its core values and try to find some skills that match with them. Be able to tie your own abilities and passions with the company’s values. You have to emphasize the importance of being connected and learn how important it is for people to always make new friends.

If your focus is to help connect the world, then you are on the right track and you may be a good fit to work at Facebook. Nevertheless, be empathic and think about your Facebook story and what you’d like to see or not see when you go through your profile. Consider the fact that you are working to improve people’s experience on social media. That is what should motivate you and ace that interview at Facebook.

3.    How to Ace an Interview for Google

When you are asked about what recommends you for the job and what particular skills you have developed so far, try to be honest, self-aware and precise. Do not rumble around, oversharing personal details. Be very specific and only offer relevant examples. The interviewer is only interested in how your past experience helped you become better at a new job. Why do you think you are a great fit for the company? Talk about your strengths and past achievements.

Your accomplishments will recommend you for the job. Make sure to not brag about every goal you have achieved. Be very specific when it comes to the position you want to work on. When knowing exactly what you are passionate about, it would be easier to find the dream job. It about working on a position that brings you joy and satisfaction.

Doing your best to occupy an important position in a big company can be very stressful. You should be able to face numerous challenges during job interviews. Therefore, acing a job interview at BestBuy or Google can be a tiring process. Make sure you only provide relevant information about yourself that recommends you for the applied position. Prove that you are honest, hardworking and determined and you will no longer be just a candidate.

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