Are You Blocking Your Monetary Blessings?

by  Karen McFarlane 

Can positive thinking bring you riches? Well this is certainly the mantra of many motivational speakers touting their inspirational methodologies. Since the release of The Secret DVD and best selling novel, the phenomenon charges that by simply changing the way you think about life can exponentially increase your wealth.

Motivational guru, Tony Robbins, has been selling success for over thirty years and has built a million dollar empire with his books, multimedia products, live events and coaching systems. His teachings have won him many honors including accolades as one of Accenture’s “Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World;” Harvard Business Press’ “Top 200 Business Gurus;” and as one of the top 10 “Outstanding People of World” by the International Chamber of Commerce. Robbins claims that his success tools will help you achieve your life’s goals. His live immersion events, audio tapes and coaching methodologies form the basis for transformation and positive change.

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James Ray, a success coach that gained overnight success after being featured on Oprah, Larry King and now the infamous DVD, The Secret preaches that the term wealth really means “well being” and that once you reach harmony and well being, you can achieve anything. He asserts that in order to achieve perfect harmony, you must adjust how you think, feel and act about your financial goals, personal relationships, mental acumen, physical body and spiritual relationship with your creative source.

Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, asks “what are your beliefs about money?” His assertions are similar in that the onus is on you to flip the switch in your head and turn all of your fear and doubt into positive energy. Even Suze Orman who started out as a traditional financial advisor, has expanded her career as a motivational speaker hosting “Get Motivated” seminars. Her new book, Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny, speaks for itself; urging women to open a Save Yourself Account that will help them take control of their lives.

In fact, most of the success gurus preach the same message – get out of your own way and everything you desire can be yours. So are you really blocking your monetary blessings? Despite the fact that you know deep down that a million dollars would really alleviate quite a few headaches, could it possibly be true that you really don’t want that cool million?

The truth is that helping people help themselves is good business. The question is how good? Entrepreneur Magazine named The Growth Coach business coaching franchise as one of the Top 50 franchises of 2006. According to a study commissioned by the International Coach Federation, the global coaching industry generated 1.5 billion dollars in revenue. Individual coaching sessions can run approximately $200 for a half hour session earning life coaches anywhere from $26,000 (part time) to $86,000 (full time). Those that release their own products like James Ray, Suze Orman and Tony Robbins stand to profit handsomely by endearing themselves to potential buyers/followers via live appearances where they tout weekend getaways, home study courses and books. In fact, savvy entrepreneurs are actively tapping into this phenomenon by facilitating the dissemination of these ‘messages.’ Barbara Mayrsohn, founder of Joy and Success International and author of “The Insider’s Guide to Being a Joyful Millionaire,” hosts live and virtual events providing an outlet for speakers to connect with their eager students.

While some might think that these coaches are playing on emotion, there is something good to be said for the end result. As James Ray says, 90% of emotion is motion and emotion motivates people to act. It’s what marketers have been trying to tap into for decades and what success gurus have known all along. People want more and feel that they deserve more. They just don’t know how to achieve it on their own. If there is someone out there that can help them think a little bit more positively about themselves, then why not? Cheerleaders are great for morale and these guys have their cheers down pat.

So yes – I want more. I deserve more and I want to take steps to get it. In fact, I could use an extra fifty grand this month. Donations anyone?

Karen McFarlane is a senior partner in kaye media partners and freelance writer.

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