Element of Success: Reasons Why Sleeping is Gaining

The title sounds somewhat lazy, doesn’t it? It’s sad how we regard sleeping as something dispensable. Many who aim for success are willing to sacrifice a lot of the essentials to grab hold of that prized achievement.  However, compromising on sleep can be a pretty bad idea. Minor lapses like clumsiness, forgetfulness and dozing off are signs of lack of sleep.  If there’s anything we can learn from the past about sleep, it should be its value. Why? Sleep deprivation has caused a few of the most tragic accidents the world has ever known (Chernobyl, anyone?). We don’t want our lack of sleep be the last of us.  If you agree to this, then we should regard sleep as vital to our well-being and as an element of success.

According to Prof. Matthew Walker, we are in the midst of a “catastrophic sleep-loss epidemic.” As director of the Center for Human Sleep Science at the University of California at Berkeley, to “reunite humanity with the sleep it is so bereft of” is his calling. World Sleep Day states that 35% of people say they’re not getting enough sleep. As a result, sleep becomes a new status symbol. We lose a lot when we take sleep for granted. But when taken seriously, it has profound impacts on the different aspects required to succeed.

On Productivity and Sleep

Productivity is an essential element of success after all, but our society equates it to grinding it out at work. Consequently, getting things done has outweighed getting enough sleep.

If you think you’re at an advantage by working more and sleeping less, it doesn’t always go that way. Going against the body’s natural coping mechanism could spell deterioration. However, it shouldn’t just be any sleep – it should be of quality as well. Quality sleep is reaching the Delta wave. As what Dr. Eric Berg said in his video, it’s the energy-perfecting phase of sleep. With that, you’ll get out of bed reinvigorated, re-energized, refreshed and ready for another day.

After a good night’s sleep, the next thing you know you enhanced senses – fast enough to react, respond and adjust. Added to that is a retentive memory, an abundance of ideas and quick problem-solving skills. Put it simply, sleep helps you be on top of your game.

On Efficiency and Sleep

Quantity is one thing, but quality should surpass numbers. Having enough sleep doesn’t only determine how vigorous you can be, it also contributes to your efficiency – the quality of the results you’ve delivered.

Quality begets quality. Our cognitive performance heavily relies on how well-rested we are. If you only had few hours of sleep, you’d notice a few annoying oddities. For instance, you’re easily distracted, your mind is a mess, ideas are fleeting, concepts are difficult to grasp, you’re easily stressed, and you’ve got mood swings. To deliver a laudable performance in your workplace, we should keep these undesirables at bay. We need to be sharp, open to changes, be a positivity magnet and a picture of excellence, and it should show in our work. Mediocrity doesn’t make a successful person, and we need sleep to boost and maintain our optimal functioning.

On Relationships and Sleep

Another vital aspect to consider in any endeavor is the relationship we have with other people. Socialization also plays a huge role in life and is a vital element of success as well. Preserving a healthy relationship with your peers, colleagues, and bosses is like harnessing your army of supporters when it’s time for them to rally for you.

Stress can either make or break relationships. All the pressure at work and the difficulties in dealing with colleagues can blow you up. Your personal life also gets turbulent, and with an overly sensitive and moody disposition, you’d be snapping out at every issue easily.

You don’t want to be the reason valuable people walk out your door. If you feel like your relationships are suffering, sleep it off before it’s too late.

On Appearance and Sleep

You’d know sleep deprivation when you see one. Prof. Alexander Todorov of Princeton Neuroscience Institute said that having enough sleep or the lack thereof shows on the countenance. His study mainly revolves around first impressions. The results claim that people who look sleepy and sickly (“pale skin and droopy eyes”) are perceived as “not smart or depressed.”

According to Dr. Margaret J. King of the Center for Cultural Studies and Analysis, appearance is always a factor in the primate hierarchy – how we approach others and think of them in our internal mind mapping of people and prestige. Many would argue that success is not all about the looks. No doubt about that, but don’t skills and an appealing appearance look like a perfect match?

Just a disclaimer though, you don’t need to break the bank to look younger or more appealing in every sense of the word, neither am I encouraging any alteration to look like someone you’re not. I still believe all the good things in life are free, and one of them is sleep. There have been plenty of studies about the age-defying prowess of sleep. Thus, don’t allow the lack-of-sleep-look steal that big break or your prized promotion.

On Overall Health and Sleep

With all these considered, you should be convinced by now that sleep is indeed an element of success. The disruption of sleep is like a ripple of physiological changes, as our brains need enough rest to recuperate from a hard day’s work. A healthy brain, being the central control system, gives out the right signals. Otherwise, we shouldn’t expect something normal to take place. To top it all off, you’re susceptible to diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disorders to name a few.

Anxiety and depression are complex mental conditions and their relationship with sleep deprivation, and insomnia goes both ways. Every successful individual would advise others to start with the reconditioning of the mind. We’re often told when the going gets tough; the tough get going.  How can we push forward if we barely get enough sleep and rest to maintain a healthy and strong mental state?

Gone are the days when sleep is equal to indolence. We easily forgo all that are deemed unproductive in today’s competitive arena. Contrary to popular belief, sleep is an indispensable and vital element of success, so make it a habit to get quality sleep every day. We all have ambitions in life and we’ll do almost everything to materialize our dreams. But without the cooperation of the body, we can hardly progress.

About the Author

Abigail Sabijon is a health and fitness blogger and managing editor of Scoopfed.com. Before pursuing her passion for writing, she was a university instructor and an international academy teacher and counselor.

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