10 Things that Will Upgrade Your Productivity in the Evening

What are the normal working hours? Most people would probably say from 9 am to 5 pm. But, that’s such a cliché. What if you’re working night shifts? What if you’re a writer and you have to complete a manuscript by a precise deadline? What if you’re a student and you have to study day and night before and during exam week? What if you just got a baby and your sleeping schedule is all messed up? Do you need to enhance your productivity?

Sometimes it’s necessary to stay productive in the evening. How do you get the energy kick that keeps you going? Let’s check out 10 methods that can help.

1.    Exercise

After a long day and a lot of work ahead, you’d think that physical exercise would get you more tired. It won’t. A mild or moderately intense exercise routine will stimulate your heart rate and blood flow. If you’re feeling tired, a walk may work better than a nap.

If you’re doing yoga, try few inversion poses in the evening. A headstand will feed your heart and brain with fresh blood (hello oxygen). If you have an hour, do an entire session of yoga. It will make you more active, and you’ll feel much calmer and ready to work after the relaxation or meditation at the end of the practice.

2.    Use Scents to Get an Energy Boost

Did you know that the scent of lavender can put you to sleep? You probably don’t need that when you’re trying to stay productive. However, there are energy-boosting scents you can rely on. Peppermint, for example, was found to enhance both cognitive and athletic performance. Citrus fruit scents are also very energizing. You can also try basil, rosemary, and sage.

How do you use these scents for elevating your mood? You’ll get the best effects from sniffing essential oils. Be careful; these oils may be too strong for the skin, so don’t use them before you read the instructions on the package. Consider mixing them with base oils or adding few drops in simmering water. You can also use candles and diffusers that will bring these scents in your home.

To make things more interesting, try mixing different essential oils to find the perfect energy-boosting combination. Lemon, sage and cinnamon? That sounds nice!

3.    Have a Smoothie

Have you ever felt sleepy after a big, greasy meal? You need the calories to get more energy, so you have to eat something before getting to work. However, your body also needs energy to process those calories, which is why it gets tired after a big meal.

What’s the solution? Make yourself a healthy smoothie. It will give you the proper nutrients, but it won’t overwhelm your stomach. Banana, almond milk, and matcha make a great combination. Of course, you’re allowed to be creative and experiment until you find the recipe that perfectly suits your taste.

4.    Set Goals

When you’re tired, your mind starts wandering around. You forget what you were supposed to do, so you find yourself staring at the screen of your computer without doing anything productive. Write a to-do list of what you want to achieve during the evening.

If you have a clear list of goals, you’ll be more focused. You’ll be able to create a systematic plan that will lead you to success.

5.    Make a Plan

Did someone mention a plan? When you write a goal like write an entire research paper in five days, it seems overwhelming. However, if you separate it in stages and you plan exactly how and when you’ll cover them, you might complete the project without getting help from AssignmentMasters or similar services.

Create a timeline for each task. Then, start achieving your goals one by one.

6.    Rest in Between Working Sessions

Completing an entire chapter of a research paper at one go? Again, we’re dealing with an overwhelming goal. Try to make it more achievable: write without distractions for 25 minutes. Then, you’ll have a 5-minute rest. That’s the so-called Pomodoro productivity technique.

25 minutes doesn’t look like much, so you’ll keep working and looking forward to that brief rest. Then, you’ll be ready for another working session.

7.    Eliminate the Distractions

Leave your phone in another room. Turn the TV off. Try working in quiet. If you really need music, play instrumental tunes so you won’t get distracted by lyrics. If you really need the Internet, then use a tool like StayFocusd to block all distractions.

When you have no access to distractions, your mind will stay focused on the task at hand.

8.    Program Your Mind for Success

Stay positive. Yes, you have to be productive late, when most people are resting or getting their sleep. However, you have a reason for doing this. Remind yourself of that reason. Why are you trying hard to succeed? What’s the goal?

Stay positive: if you work, you’ll achieve that goal. Your mindset has a determining role in your productivity levels.

9.    Get Some Coffee

We’d usually advise you to avoid coffee at night, but extreme situations call for extreme measures. Caffeine boosts your focus and heightens your brain’s activity. Make yourself a nice cup of coffee before you start completing the tasks.

But, be careful! Too much caffeine will make you nervous, so set your limits.

10. Shut Down When You Need To

No matter how much you’re forcing yourself to stay productive, your mind will give up at one point. If you’re too tired and sleepy, you won’t be able to do your best.

Catch that moment when you’re mind starts giving up. If you really have to sleep, do it. Set an alarm to wake you up early in the morning, and you’ll be ready to do more work.

Staying productive is not easy. We all have our limits. However, certain habits and routines can keep us going even late in the evening. Hopefully, the 10 methods above will help you boost your productivity levels. Now that you know how to keep yourself more active, it’s time to get to work! 

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Cathy Baylis is a freelance blogger specialized in personal growth, leadership, motivation, and career development. Starting as a freelance ghost writer who enjoys helping other to discover little-known fact and stories, she also provides assignment help for students.

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