How to Recognize and Remove Your Personal Success Blocks

Success is everyone’s goal in life. But achieving this is not always easy, especially when it comes to finding the right career. Often, things will not go as smoothly as you hope they would. Also, there may be times when everything you do seems inefficient. No need to worry, though, because you are not likely to be doing anything wrong. All you need is to dig a bit deeper because most of the things that may be blocking your success are not always obvious. Here are three ways to recognize and remove the things that hinder your personal success.

1. Reflect on what authority figures have told you about yourself and abilities

If you were an average student during your younger years, you might have heard immediate authority figures such as your parents expressing a belief that success in life won’t be achievable if a student gets average or low grades, and that success is only possible when you do things right and avoid making mistakes. They might have equated such grades with laziness in studying lessons as well.

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Reflecting on such statements while growing up could cause this information to become programmed in your mind (both unconsciously and subconsciously). Picking up parental programming blocks will control your thoughts, thus blocking your personal success.

Reprogramming your subconscious mind is the best solution to remove this personal success block. You must communicate with your subconscious mind and always input affirmative and optimistic new beliefs. By doing so, you will surely accomplish your life goals, become emotionally balanced, feel more at ease, and experience good feelings.

2. Keep track of your emotions and thoughts

When paying your monthly bills, do you feel bad about all the money that goes to these, or are you thankful that you have enough money for your daily needs? Also, do you always say that you can’t afford to buy the things you wish to have?

How you speak to yourself regarding your money and status in life can lead to the development of feelings and thoughts that will create your reality. Remember that negative thoughts will bring about undesirable results. So you must always keep track of your emotions and thoughts – each time you become negative, stop yourself and instead shift to being optimistic.

The power of positive thoughts is strong; it will take you to the highest of highs. In fact, the most famous athletes and the world’s greatest leaders practice healthy habits of thinking, which helped them fulfill their dreams and enjoy a prosperous life. If other people can, so can you!

3. Accept that you can’t do it alone

The famous line “No man is an island” by John Donne is true. If you isolate yourself from other people, this can have a negative impact on your life, so strive to become part of a group in order to thrive. This further means that for you to achieve personal success, you must receive or seek help from reputable individuals, such as life coaches.

It has been proven that coaching is an effective way to help you get from where you are right now to where you hope to be. Today, there are trustworthy coaches for every aspect of life, whether is it career growth, wellness or skills development. This is done by using certain assessment tools and questioning techniques so you can get a clearer perspective of your present and future life, determine the gaps, and find the best solutions to bridge them.

The best thing about coaching is that it triggers you to be aware of yourself and reflect on everything you have done and are planning to do with your life. As a result, you can have an internal framework that you can use to overcome any challenges you might face later on to ensure your personal success.

But for coaching to become effective, you must be willing to accept it and learn from it. Recognizing that you need this and working hard to apply your knowledge to your life, are crucial for a successful transformation.

 So if you want to achieve personal success, determine what is holding you back and make sure to reprogram your subconscious mind, develop the habit of thinking positively, and recognize the benefits of coaching and mentoring.

About the Author

Salma El-Shurafa is an experienced Executive Coach and founder of The Pathway Project. She is a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and a graduate of CTI’s Co-Active Leadership program.

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