Reach Your Goals: 4 Tips for Being Your Most Productive Self

There are plenty of productivity hacks available for doing things faster or better. However, you can improve your life and productivity even more by focusing on what matters to you. Additionally, each of us has points in the day when we’re more productive and times when we need to back off. By tapping into your interests and body rhythms, you can increase your productivity even more to become your most productive self.

What Do You Care About?

If you’re fighting to be productive just to get your boss or a loved one to back off, you’ll find the goal of productivity to be exhausting. If you really care about a topic or a cause, productivity will come easily and you’ll get into flow.

How Do You Like To Learn?

Some people like to learn in big groups while others prefer to work things out alone. Figuring out what works best for your brain is a crucial step in determining the topics you want to study, when and how.

Reviewing your interests and learning styles in a test such as a strong interest inventory is a great start to figuring out what your career goals are and how to achieve them.

When Are You Most Productive?

Productivity isn’t something that just magically happens in the brain. You need to create a structure in which inspiration can show up. If your brain is tired from making decisions or if you’re mentally wrapped up in cat videos on YouTube, inspiration will stand outside your head, waiting for you to open the door.

Make Room For Productivity

Reduce your decisions. If you want to go to the gym in the morning, set out your gear the night before. If you have to meet a dress code or wear a uniform at your job, put together clothes for the week over the weekend. Decisions tire the brain, so don’t make more of them than necessary.

Use a timer. If you’re planning to blog, craft, sing, dance, or whatever, block out a time to do that. Set the timer on your phone for 30 to 45 minutes and put it face down beside you. Work like crazy on your project until the beeper goes off, then take a break.

Your interests, ability to focus and learning style all contribute to your productivity. Make space in your head for focus and use your energetic times to work on what matters to you.

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