The Importance of Gender Equality in the Workplace

Have you given thought to the importance of gender equality in the workplace? In a wishful world, the economic impact of gender equality in the workplace in India is estimated to be US $700 billion of added GDP by 2025. As per the Indian Monetary Fund, equal participation of women in the workforce can increase India’s GDP by 27%.

These are some hard facts to highlight the sorry state of gender equality in India at the workplace. The government may have churned out policies that force businesses to include women in important roles; the core importance of gender equality is yet to become a dialogue. There is hardly any omen employed in India due to contrasting matters are marriage, childbirth, taking care of the elderly, household chores and other socio-economic factors. It is sad to see that most of the unpaid household work is carried out by the brightest minds of India who’re capable of providing so much for our economy.

Besides domestic hiccups, there are corporate-level obstacles like denial of position in senior management, low pay scale, sexual harassment, abuse and exploitation that prohibit women from working in freedom. With the conversation around gender disparity gaining momentum, it is time for us to truly make businesses understand how to change for better.

Gender equality is achieved only when both, men and women working in an office have access to the same opportunities, rewards, and resources irrespective of their gender. Sadly, this is a far-fetched dream for women working in India. Women are denied the same rights and pay even though they clock-in as many numbers of hours as men. This is a result of the sad cultural and social status of women in India since ancient times.

Although, the cringe-worthy times of female feticide, child marriage, honor killing, and dowry-related issues have vanished in metro cities; the rural population is yet to be educated about the importance of gender equality. We’ll discuss the need and importance of gender equality at the workplace in India.

Great business sense

In India, the number of educated women is far more than educated men. So, it only makes sense for businesses to hire educated, talented and hardworking women for entry-level and senior roles. The companies who deny roles to women are at a complete loss of talent. Men and women are hard-wired differently which makes them vocal and peacemakers respectively. This difference in communication wavelength creates a safe yet challenging environment for both genders. Hence, compelling them to think and perform better than the other. Remember, challenged employees are better performers than satisfied ones.

Retaining talent

It is easy to say that companies with an equal number of opportunities for men and women are likely to attract and retain more talent than others. In such companies, men and women both respect each other’s viewpoints and discover how one can add to the overall success of the company.

Such an environment boosts appreciation for differences which stimulates a peaceful environment. This inclusive environment boosts confidence, morale and motives employees to work better. This in-turn means low employee turnover rate and hence low expenditure on advertising, administration and hiring fresh talent.

A responsible brand for the clients

The women have maximum purchasing capacity in any household i.e. 40$ Trillion (as surveyed in 2018). It means to become saleable in the market; you will have to keep the females satisfied. So, you know gender disparity at the workplace can take away a whole lot of money-making opportunities from your company. The companies with wider diversities and ethnicities tend to perform better than others.

It shows that the company is sensitive to such disparities in society. Gender equality basically skyrockets your reputation in the outer world too. This is why clients, customers, community and potential employees would want to be a part of your organization.

Better company performance

Gender diversity and business success are directly linked. When employees of different sex come together, they shared varied perspectives, ideas, and approaches. For a holistic view of the company performance, it is best to have both genders participate equally in the important decision-making process. Employees that feel valued, well-heard and respected tend to be happier and better performers.

Gender disparity at the workplace is like digging your own grave one unsatisfied employee at a time. The importance of gender equality in the workplace is a precedent. There is no way to turn away from that in today’s modern world.

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