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Turning Negative to Positive or What Do I Wnat to Manafest Today?

Turning Negative to Positive or What Do I Want to Manifest Today?

Every morning the first thing I do after checking my email is log in to Pogo and play the Daily Word Search Game. It gets me awake and gets my mind working. After some breakfast I sit down to blog.

This morning’s puzzle was very different. The topic was “Things I Fear” and the  words to find were:

Breaking up

I would love to be able to talk with the person who designed the puzzle to learn how he/she came up with the list.  And it would be even more interesting to “poll the audience” to find out how people rank this list of fears from least to worst. It would also be interesting to know what fears others would like to add.

But,  wait a minute! Do we want to manifest anything on that list?

We tend to create what our mind dwells on and there isn’t one thing on that list that I desire. Well, I definitely want success but not the fear of success. So I will dwell on the specific successes that I wish to manifest. For example in relation to writing I desire success as a writer which will show up as:

  1. Having articles published
  2. Earning money for articles – if fact earning a substantial living by writing
  3. Receiving positive comments for articles
  4. See my articles chosen to be posted by others
  5.  Being invited to write for others
  6. Being contacted by a publisher and commissioned to write an a specific subject
  7. Being contacted by an agent who wants to represent me
  8. Having top ranking articles on the Internet
  9. Being #1 on the best seller list

(If you think I’m dreaming too big, that’s o.k. If you don’t dream big, you don’t accomplish big. And it’s my dream, I can dream big if I want to.)

I will begin to work on manifesting success as a writer. First I will prepare myself by feeling gratitude – deep and real – for all I have and all I enjoy.  I will also begin visualizing my articles published where I want them to be – on the Internet and in print media, seeing checks come in with large sums written on them, hear the phone ring with offers, etc. And I will sit with it until I feel the absolute joy of accomplishing each thing on my list.  I can feel the sheer delight when I receive a letter or a comment that tells me someone has been helped by something I wrote. I can feel the joy now as I walk into my bank with a check in 6 figures from a publisher or as I check my PayPal account and realize I need to use some of that money as gifts or investments. I can feel the excitement when my caller ID shows a publisher’s phone number. Etc.

With a clear idea of what I want and feeling as if I already have it, it won’t be long. Check the Internet and watch the news. I’m excited that a list of what I don’t want can get me so positively motivated. What will happen when I start with a list of what I do want? I hope that tomorrow’s puzzle lists:

  1. Financial abundance
  2.  Success
  3. Happiness
  4. Joy
  5. Love
  6. Wisdom
  7. And more

And I will add to this list in my mind as the day goes on.

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