10 Forms of Entertainment That Will Save You from Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts can affect you and the people around you. These can either be physical or emotional. Although it’s not always easy to control our thoughts, there are things you can do to keep away from negative thoughts, for example, surrounding yourself with positive people and incorporating positive affirmations into your self-talk.

Most importantly, choosing the right entertainment is a fun way to keep your mind focused on good thoughts. It causes a distraction to the mind by keeping it preoccupied and satisfied.

Here are 10 forms of entertainment to save you from bad thoughts:

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Music is one of the oldest forms of entertainment dating back to ancient times. It’s universal and the most favored form of entertainment. The different genres include pop music, jazz, classical and rock, just to point out a few.

Music uplifts people’s spirits as well as improving their mental health. Listening to music helps your mind release dopamine which is known as the feel-good hormone. Positive side effects of dopamine include feeling excited, jubilant and delighted – which are great at keeping negative thoughts at bay.


Different kinds of games are played for various reasons including entertainment and competition. Some require professionals like footballers, basketball, tennis, and golf while others can be played by anybody. Some require partners or teams while others are played by individuals.

As a player your main goal is to win against your competitors; while being a spectator, one is busy cheering and supporting his team. Both instances require great concentration and they produce results that ward off negative thoughts.


The purpose of comedy is to make people laugh. Jokes, puns, irony, and parody are not only exciting forms of entertainment, but laughing also reduces the level of stress hormones caused by negative thoughts. You can attend live performances, watch on TV or stream online.


Reading is a reliable source of entertainment which you can engage in at any place because it produces no noise or disturbance to others. Compared to other forms of entertainment, reading is quite cheap. You have the luxury of choice to read any books you desire.

Availability of public libraries makes it possible to access a wide variety of books, magazines, journals and internet access sites to download novels. It is also beneficial to those who want to study but have no access to materials. Reading boosts memory retention.

Film and Cinema

Advanced technology has made it possible for mass entertainment. Films turn stories, books and plays into new entertainments. Animations, documentaries, thriller, biographies, musicals are some genres of film.


A great way to fight negative thoughts is through meditation which also helps to relax. Teaching your mind to focus on positive thoughts reduces negative thoughtsstress caused by negative thoughts. It helps people sleep faster and more easily.

Improved mental health comes through by increasing memory retention and concentration. It refreshes the mind causing you to think clearly and critically.


Dances can be performed by all age groups and civilizations. Tap dancing, ballet, country dance and, afro beats are common dances. Dancing can be a source of income and entertainment. Concentrating on the moves requires repetitive thoughts on the dancing style and movement of certain body parts.

Dance competitions are held to showcase prowess and talents. In some cases, the audience is allowed to freestyle.

The Circus

Circuses comprise of both human and animal performers. They include clowns, acrobatics, dancers, trapeze, magicians, dancers, tightrope walkers, musicians and trained animals such as elephants and lions.

A variety of acts provide diverse and peculiar entertainment. There is never a dull moment at the circus since you can choose the act that best entertains you. Food can also produce results such as feelings of joy and satisfaction. Circuses have plenty of food stands where you can get various types of snacks and drinks.

Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

The sole purpose of these events is to display and demonstrate various products and services provided by different companies and organizations. Public fairs encourage positive, social interactions with different people.

 Street Performance

The main advantage of street performance is the lack of entry fees. Street performers can be found on sidewalks or in public transport. What is interesting is the surprise aspect because one is unaware of the next act of the performer.


Our brains are affected by what surrounds us like friends and our jobs. Repetitive thoughts of positivity and the right entertainment is a good way of avoiding a negative cycle of thoughts.

What do you think are the impacts of bad thoughts? Share your views with us in the comments.

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