3 Tips to Training Your Dog to Behave

Guide dogs are some of the best-behaved dogs you will ever see. To achieve their skills, they eliminate all distractions and concentrate fully on getting their handlers to their destination safely. On the contrary, unruly dogs will often run off when walked without a leash in public. They will also often bark at strangers. This is a general problem, one encountered by a large number of dog owners.

To combat this issue, many dog owners carry out extensive internet research on how to improve their dog’s behavior. Studies have shown that dogs do not misbehave on purpose. Any behavior exhibited is a complex interaction of the training available to them coupled with their basic instincts. Hence, it is time you stop scolding and chasing your dog in public. The following tips will help you train your dog to behave better:

1) Obedience Training

Training a dog to behave is not the same as programming a machine. You do not enter the codes once and leave it at that. Your dog requires lifelong training. Condition your dog to follow basic commands before rewarding it with a treat. This helps it know who is in charge. Hence, obedience training should start from the basic tasks to more difficult ones. If you just got a puppy and it is still very wild, use simple commands to instill positive reinforcements. Use commands like come, kneel, stay, drop, and sit, which can be taught easily, followed by rewarding it with a treat to achieve this objective.  Jar at Pawcastle recommends effective obedience training by rewarding your dog whenever he or she behaves right. Using this method rather than punishment will strengthen your bonds. Only reward good behavior rather than reward bad behavior with attention.

2) Socialization

Socialization from the puppy days is critical to getting your dog accustomed to a variety of situations, both at home and in public. Having your puppy regularly interact with people will help develop its instinct to accept and accommodate people as a part of their lives. Constantly interacting with humans is critical to getting your dog to behave appropriately in the future. Stimulating human interaction is important. This prevents the dog from barking, pulling on the leash and showing aggression. Poor socialization of such dogs when they are puppies is the main cause of all this. Getting an adult dog to socialize is a harder. However, it is achievable with constant training.

3) Toilet Training      

We all have day jobs and other activities that make walking our dog all day impossible. Therefore, it is important to train our dogs to pee outside intermittently since nobody fancies washing nasty pee off the expensive carpet during their free time. Toilet training should be started early, regular meal times maintained, and treats, including snacks, avoided in between meals. Also, walk your dog as often as possible to provide an avenue to pee. It is advisable that you do this hourly or after every meal.

Furthermore, leverage on your dog’s sense of smell by taking it to the same spot every time. Employing this method ensures the dog internalizes this training and carries out its business at the designated spot. Remember, offering a treat or praising a dog acts as a positive reinforcement in the training process.

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