Frugal Wedding Gift Ideas for This Wedding Season

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, wedding season approaches quickly. Weddings are beautiful and full of love and amazing memories. However, they also tend to be expensive — for both the couple and for their guests. If you’re working on keeping your expenses low and sticking with a budget, it can be difficult to decide on a wedding gift within your price range that also shows the happy couple just how much they mean to you. However, there are plenty of frugal wedding gifts that will mean a lot more to the bride and groom than any price tag attached. Sentimental or personal gifts tend to be more meaningful and have the added perk of being less expensive.

Make It Yourself

A general rule on gift giving for a wedding is to spend between $50 and $150 depending on how well you know the person. However, some gifting guidelines don’t exactly apply when you go through the work of making something yourself. You really don’t have to be artsy, creative, or a DIY master in order to make a gift for someone. You can paint them a sign with their last name or wedding date. If you’re worried about your lettering, get some stencils. Make them a gift basket filled with their favorite snacks, a movie, and some wine for them to enjoy as a date night at home. Not only are these gifts extra special because they were made by you, they are also more cost-effective.

Create a Photo Gift

The options for photo gifts are vast. You can create a canvas print of a photo, make a calendar, create coffee mugs, a blanket, etc. Photo gifts can be made yourself or created for you. Either way, the price options are extremely reasonable for the wedding guest on a budget. If you’re close to the family of the bride or groom and you can get ahold of older family albums, you can create photo gifts from meaningful family albums. With scanning services that specialize in handling fragile photo albums, you won’t have to worry about damaging any important photos.

You can make albums highlighting various old wedding photos, create a wall hanging of grandparents and great-grandparents who are important to the couple or transfer these photos onto a cutting board. There are so many possibilities, and the gift will mean so much to the couple.

Go Personalized

Personalized gifts are great for the newly married couple. Not only are you giving them a useful item, but you’re giving them something unique to them. Also, the options are limitless and the sentiment outweighs the dollar value. Just remember if you’re purchasing these personalized items online, shop smart so that you don’t encounter a scam that ends up costing you. You can have something made or try to make it yourself. Welcome signs, welcome mats, home decor, wine glasses, Christmas ornaments, wine boxes, custom portraits, or cutting boards can all be made into an amazing personalized wedding gift that won’t break the bank.

Gifting Experiences

Gifting an experience is an option that varies a lot on the price scale. When you’re creating a personal budget, be sure to calculate your spending along with your expenses so that you’re getting an accurate representation of your finances each month. This will ensure that your price range for gifting an experience is on par with your budget. Gifting an experience can range from buying/making them a date night idea jar where you write down date night ideas for them to pick from, to gifting them some gift certificates to go to the zoo. Cooking classes, theater tickets, or a gift card for an outdoor rafting trip are all examples of gifts that are experiences. However, not all of them are frugal so be sure to stick to your budget and look for deals and coupons.

Sentimental Gifting

Sentiment will always be valued over a price tag. Sentimental gifts show that you know the couple and what is important to them. It’s not about what you spent; it’s about a gift coming from the heart. Some examples of sentimental gifting can be compiling letters from the bride and groom’s families or close friends into an album, gathering family recipes into a recipe book for them, or making a video compilation of all of their videos or pictures together. These types of gifts might be a lot of work or require a lot of time, so that’s where the meaning comes in to replace the price of what it may cost.

It can be difficult to maneuver your way through this wedding season if you’re working with a tight budget. Between the nice clothes, any travel expenses, and the gift, it can get expensive quickly. However, practicing some frugal gift giving can help keep your spending to a minimum. By remembering that it truly is the thought that counts, you can find the perfect wedding gift for your budget that the bride and groom will cherish — no matter what price tag is attached to it.

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